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Prepare yourself for the digital marketing profession, learn how to promote a brand and its services to your targets and master the digital tools that are essential in your profession!

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing allows you to enter into a relationship with customers or prospects on the Internet with a view to introducing them to products or services and, ultimately, increasing the visibility of a brand among targeted audiences. Webmarketing concerns all marketing activities deployed online on all digital channels: websites (showcase site, e-commerce or blog), social networks, digital advertising, e-mail campaigns, etc.

Thanks to the development of digital tools in recent years, it is now possible to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person by activating the appropriate marketing levers and personalising the content as much as possible according to the profile of the Internet user.

EM Normandie, a member of the French Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) and holder of the prestigious international accreditations EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA, offers a wide range of programmes specialising in digital marketing.

Digital marketing courses

Testimonials from digital marketing graduates

Digital marketing professions

Digital marketing training

Your digital marketing training with the Master in Management icone drapeau français icone drapeau anglais

With the Master in Management, join a Business School that has made a name for itself in numerous national and international rankings:

  • Top 80 of the best Masters in Management worldwide in the Financial Times.
  • Top 100 of QS ranking.
  • Top 3 of the national rankings for Master's degree programmes (after high school).

Benefit from innovative and interactive teaching methods, an international and multicultural environment and a close relationship with the business world which guarantees your employability at the end of the programme.

digital marketing education

Build a career path that suits you, do a dual degree in partnership with one of the 200 universities over the world and discover the field of marketing through subjects such as marketing approach, New Trends in Marketing, Sensory Marketing Application...

During your master, specialise in the field of marketing:

Learn how to implement a digital strategy as a whole and develop expertise in marketing and communication tools.

In the 1st year (M1), choose one of the pre-specialisations "Marketing", which include courses on marketing, sales and the use of digital technology in these sectors. 

In the final year (M2), add a marketing dimension to your CV by choosing a specialisation in French or English in digital communication, marketing and/or sales.


M2 Digital Entrepreneurship icone drapeau français

Build a "T-Shaped" profile that is both generalist and specialist. Develop an expertise in the digital dimension and in digital tools (online project management, SEO, community management, growth hacking etc.) while acquiring a global knowledge of business and e-marketing practices. Learn how to manage web projects, develop a business and increase its visibility on the internet.

At the end of the training course, you will be able to take up positions as web marketer, community manager, mobile strategy manager, e-commerce manager, etc.

Discover the Digital Entrepreneurship M2


Cutting edge courses in digital marketing

M2/ MSc Digital Marketing and Sales

With the M2 MSc Digital Marketing and Sales program, attain a robust digital know-how in the areas of marketing and sales, develop a practice-driven skillset that will prepare you for the real world of business, and be part of a vibrant, digital-driven city to get a strong start in career building and management.

Build your digital know-how through courses like digital marketing, sales in the digital age, online entrepreneurship & e-commerce, digital ethics & privacy, and more.

Practise for the real world of marketing and sales through practise-driven course content and assessments, internal and external lecturers who are experts in their fields, and a course dedicated to skills training.

At the end, get ready for the next step in your career through programme with strong industry ties, recruiter and company visits, and a course dedicated to career building and management. Get a chance to find positions like digital marketing manager, digital sales specialist, product marketing manager, key account manager, ecommerce analyst, and more. 

Discover the Digital Marketing and Sales M2

M2 / MS Marketing, Communication & Agrifood Engineering icone drapeau français

Become an expert manager in the agri-food sector (industrialists, processors, distributors, etc.) with a dual skill set, marketing and technical, which is complementary and essential for meeting the development challenges of the agri-food industry. Part of the curriculum concerns the acquisition of knowledge in marketing and commercialisation of food products.

Join this programme developed in partnership with UniLaSalle (School of Agri-Food Engineering) in Rouen, built on a field-based teaching method and become a decision-maker of tomorrow: inspired, involved, social and innovative.

At the end of the course, you will have access to positions as product/brand manager, category manager, marketing/trade marketing manager, communication manager, development manager, etc.

Discover the Agrifood MSc

Discover the Agrifood M2

M2 / MS Marketing Strategy and Business Development icone drapeau français

Prepare yourself for careers in marketing, multi-channel marketing, communication and sales.

With courses such as personal development, marketing and business strategy and international business development, develop your skills in sales management, distribution and brand management.

Become a key player in the field of e-marketing, negotiation and customer relationship management. Learn to take initiative, act as a leader and work in a team, qualities that are essential to become a successful manager. 

At the end of the training course, become a sales manager, product manager, marketing manager, communication manager, web marketing manager, department manager, sales outlet manager.

cover the Marketing Strategy MS

Discover the Marketing Strategy M2

MSc Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy icone drapeau anglais

Thanks to courses combining marketing fundamentals and technical expertise, develop an expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to marketing to play a major role in the decision-making process and in the performance of a company.

With courses such as Web Project Management, Strategic Marketing Principles or Global Leadership, develop a global vision of AI, its challenges applied to the marketing sector and learn how to take advantage of its full power.

At the end of the training course, become a data analyst, data strategist, data planner, marketing scientist, Big Data consultant, data scientist, marketing strategist, expert in marketing analysis/ marketing research / CRM / credit analysis...

Discover the Artificial Intelligence MSc

M2 Digital Strategy and Innovation icone drapeau anglais

Become an expert in data management of new sales systems (live marketing, digital branding, e-CRM, etc.) and social networks in the context of your management decisions. Benefit from a highly digital-centric approach and the expertise of professors and professionals from international companies

Develop operational skills thanks to a practice-oriented pedagogy. Benefit from an ideal location in Dublin, the home of the GAFAs, which is always looking for digital skills. Write your professional thesis and do your final internship over 4 to 6 months. 

At the end of your training course, become a: Digital Marketing Analyst, Social Media Manager, SEO/SEM Specialist, Brand Manager, Ecommerce Analyst, Content Marketing Expert,  product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Entrepreneur.

Discover the Digital Marketing M2


M2 Digital Strategy and Innovation icone drapeau anglais icone drapeau français

Support organisations in their digital transformation and learn to exploit the potential of digital tools. Join this new course which is the English equivalent of the "Stratégie Digitale et Innovation" specialisation taught in French.

Develop all the technical skills and know-how required to work as a digital transformation consultant, acquisition manager, e-commerce project manager, product owner, etc.

At the end of the course, you will be able to become a consultant in digital transformation / digital strategy / SEA / SEO / social media, influence marketing manager, acquisition manager, digital / e-commerce / e-business project manager.

Discover the Digital Strategy M2

M2 / MSc International Events Management icone drapeau anglais

Master all facets of the events industry: learn to organise and promote public and professional events in France and abroad.

Evolve in a fast-growing industry that requires specific knowledge in project management, marketing, budgeting and the event environment. Integrate the impact of sustainable development issues on the planning, design and operational management of tomorrow's events.

At the end of the course, become an event project manager in an agency, hotel or convention centre, an event communication manager, a press relations manager, an account manager, a business developer, etc.

Discover the Events MSc

Discover the Events M2

M2 / MSc International Marketing and Business Development icone drapeau anglais

Develop the technical and behavioural skills required for marketing and negotiation in a culturally diverse international environment.

Join a programme specially designed to develop your future career internationally and prepare you to communicate with partners from different cultures in a multicultural environment.

With subjects such as international business environment, marketing & negotiation in cross-cultural context or career management, develop your leadership skills, sharpen your business vision and become a seasoned negotiator on the international scene.

At the end of the course, you will be able to occupy a key position in marketing and/or sales management, in France or abroad: product manager, category manager, international brand manager, regional sales director, international sales manager, international project manager, international marketing consultant, export/import manager, business analyst, etc.

Discover the International Marketing MSc

Discover the International Marketing M2

M2 / MSc Marketing and Digital in Luxury and Lifestyle icone drapeau anglais

Become a marketing and web marketing expert, able to work in all areas of the Luxury and lifestyle sector, from fashion and perfume to luxury hotels and gourmet cuisine.

Develop comprehensive 360° marketing skills and master the standards and characteristics of the Luxury market by learning about Luxury culture, marketing and understanding customer expectations. Through digital marketing, integrate the concept of user experience and management in the luxury sector.

With subjects such as personal and professional branding, marketing and digital marketing in luxury and human resources, become a professional specialist in this prestigious sector.

At the end of the course, become a product manager, brand manager, digital marketing manager, customer experience manager, events manager, CRM manager, category manager (eCommerce), traffic manager, e-commerce manager, community manager...

Discover the Luxury MSc

Discover the Luxury M2

master digital marketing

The "Digital Business" option of the Bachelor International Management programme icone drapeau français icone drapeau anglais

The Bachelor International Management allows you to acquire all the knowledge, the openness to the world and the experience necessary to quickly start your career in just 3 years.

This programme, ranked in the Top 10 of the best Bachelors in multiple national rankings, is available 100% in English and prepares you for the role of operational middle manager as soon as you leave school thanks to the numerous work placements in companies and international experiences.

Build a career path that suits you and specialise in your preferred field by choosing one of the three options offered in the 3rd year: with the Digital Business option, become an expert in business development and digital tools with courses such as: Digital marketing applications, Internet law and cybersecurity and E-commerce operations.

Discover the Bachelor International Management

digital marketing bachelor

Testimonies of graduates

Hadrien Stolz

On a day-to-day basis, my work consists of assisting the Puma Football brand with the design of campaigns, from their conception to their execution. To shoot with the football players, I travel a lot to the cities where the players' clubs are located. I love this aspect of my job!

Hadrien STOLZ Advertising Manager at La Fourmi Agency

Advertising Manager

Clara Gorlier - Chef de projet digital et e-marchandising

In January 2020, I found an internship as an assistant mobile project manager at LVMH for Séphora.
I discovered another part of digital, the migration from an ATG platform to Salesforce for our e-commerce site. I was in charge of three countries: Poland, Spain and Italy. It was totally new as I learned to use tools like Salesforce, Drupal, Jira...
I enjoyed continuing on the digital path because it allowed me to discover another aspect that I didn't know.

Clara GORLIER Digital and e-marketing project manager at Sisley Paris

Digital Project Manager

Salime NASSUR Marketing Director at Google France

From 2022 to 2012, I’ve been working at Google France, where I was part of the launch of Cloud products and services specifically aimed at businesses. For me work is a passion, a real adventure that lets me grow a little more each day!

Salime NASSUR Marketing Director at Google France

Marketing Director

Clémentine Brisset Project Manager at Christian Dior

During my work placement, I did everything I could to provide solutions, give 200% and make myself indispensable by producing training content that was always impeccable. As the months went by, I was given more and more responsibility. After only six months of work experience, I ended up in charge of the production of seasonal training courses at Dior. The job was created afterwards.

Clémentine BRISSET Project Manager at Christian Dior

Project Manager

The digital professions

For more than a decade, the introduction of digital has revolutionised the marketing and communication sectors. In particular, it has had an impact on the way in which customers are approached via digital channels: websites, emailing, social networks, etc.

Amongst the most popular jobs, we find that of product manager, this "company manager" who manages his brand or his product and who coordinates all these stakeholders around his project. With the strong emergence of data and digitalisation, there are other more specific jobs such as research manager, data analyst, community manager, event manager, etc., whether in a company or a communications agency.

Examples of job opportunities

  • Key account manager
  • CRM Project Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Digital Strategy Director
  • SEO Manager
  • UX Designer

Round table on digital professions

Discover the round table on marketing and communication jobs, with Laëtitia Condamin (LC), marketing professor at EM Normandie and two graduates working in the marketing field.

Laëtitia Condamin

Laëtitia Condamin (LC)
Professor at EM Normandie specialised in marketing

Pierre Darbeaud

Pierre Darbeaud (PD)
Marketing Manager at Peopulse, Graduate 2018

Marion Lecamus

Marion Lecamus (ML)
Product Marketing Manager at Relais et Châteaux, Graduate 2017