Campus de Dublin

Dublin campus

The Dublin Campus is located near the Financial District. Dublin has experienced unprecedented economic growth in recent years thanks to many start-ups and major corporations including GAFA. 

In the heart of the Irish Capital City, the Dublin Campus welcomes you for programmes that are taught entirely in English in a dynamic and attractive city.

Dublin Campus

The Dublin Campus, which opened in September 2017, is located next to Dublin’s financial district. It represents an opportunity to benefit from a genuine experience of studying abroad in an attractive and vibrant city.  

This new Campus offers courses that are taught entirely in English, giving non-native speakers the chance to improve their level of English markedly, with the objective of training managers who can operate in an international context.  
The Campus contains a catering area and a recreational area as well as lecture rooms theatres.

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Alumni and students' testimonies

Initially, I had chosen to go to Finland because I fell in love with the Scandinavian countries but due to Covid, some partner universities were not able to welcome us. EM Normandie did everything possible to allow us to go on an expatriation, and I finally chose the Dublin campus.
I would have been disappointed not to go abroad because I chose an initial course and not a work-study course this year precisely to be able to go abroad. I am very happy to be in Dublin this year.

Antoine - My expat' to Dublin

I chose EM Normandie mainly because I would be able to go abroad. I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living, but I was sure I wanted to go abroad to experience new cultures and improve my language skills. These experiences allowed me to discover who I am, what I want in life, what my dreams are and what I aspire to.

Julie Compagny - Digital project manager at UM Worldwide

I was at the very beginning a project manager and I became deputy director after 3 to 4 years. A few years later, I became the director and my CEO remained the president. A little later, she wanted to sell her company and I accompanied her in this process. After several failed sales, the person commissioned to sell the company to a third party finally offered me to buy it.

Samuel Lebain - CEO at UNIFER

I learn so much every day from my team members and from my mentors. As an entrepreneur, you have to deal with everything: community management, finance, accounting, dealing with service providers, managing growth, etc. This thirst to learn and grow is very present. You learn much faster when you are an entrepreneur.

Vincent Porquet - Co-founder of Fizzer

Dublin campus

The City of Dublin

Open, cosmopolitan, youthful and vibrant, Dublin has experienced unprecedented and sustained economic growth for several years. It is now among the top ten financial centres in the world, thanks to the presence of many start-ups and large companies in the electronics industry, financial services, or in new technologies with GAFA.

Dublin nevertheless retains its friendly scale and combines large green spaces with historic urban architecture. It is also a city of culture and arts with numerous museums, art galleries and the world famous Temple Bar district, which is near the Campus location.

City of Dublin

Campus information

Ulysses House

22-24 Foley Street

Dublin 1

D01 W2T2

00 35 3190 111 75