The Skills, Employability and HR Decision-Making Chair (EM Normandie Business School), directed by Professor Jean Pralong, publishes the study “Full Remote Skills: Which skills do you need to be a successful remote worker?”.

Full Remote Skills

The study analyses the career paths, performances and behavioural skills of a group of 317 French remote workers between 2009 and 2019. This sample is representative of ‘fully remote' workers prior to the COVID-19 crisis. The data shows that the adoption of five specific skills explains the differences in success rates and career paths before, during, and after the remote working period. It also shows that, based on equivalent skills, remote working will slow the career progression of remote workers who do not develop these soft skills. Rather than simply being a digital reincarnation of the office, remote working in fact provides a new space with its own unique interactions.

The study, which was completed in January 2020, has now taken on a very special dimension. It provides HR managers and employees alike with a frame of reference for this new situation, as well as key measures required in order to adapt. These include soft skills which are crucial to successful remote working, errors to avoid and how HR managers can actively create the right conditions for remote working.


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Jean Pralong
HOLDER OF THE "SKILLS, EMPLOYABILITY AND HR DECISION MAKING" CHAIR - Professor of Digital Human Resources and Career Management