Grande Ecole Programme

Work-Study Track

Apply what you learn in class immediately, become an employee of a company and get a job before you finish your studies.

What is a work-study programme?

Work-study programmes have become the preferred route for students wishing to enter the professional world while continuing their studies. Accessible on the Caen, Le Havre and Paris campuses, the Work-Study Track allows you to spend 75% of the year in a company, i.e. 3 weeks per month in a company.

During your two years of work experience, you can immediately apply what you learn in training, develop your skills and gain professional experience. 

Work-study at EM Normandie

Work-study Track programme

The first year (M1) gives you access to 1 pre-specialisation option to choose from among 5.

The final year (M2) gives you access to one of the 10 specialisations available as a work-study programme, including 3 in English.

The Career Path is reflective support system designed to help you become aware of your talents, the values that drive you and your development of skills at each stage of your career at the School.

1st year of the work-study Track

The first year gives you access to 1 pre-specialisation option to choose from among 5.

The programme

Semester 1 and 2

Campus according to chosen option, 1 option to choose from:

  • Finance: further study of financial management, accounting and taxation.
  • Marketing: pre-requisites in digital sales with the aim of working in international environments.
  • Logistics: further study of international trade, logistics, purchasing and supply chain management.
  • Entrepreneurship: apply and appropriate the concepts of strategic marketing, by getting as close as possible to the life of the company.

Professional Efficiency Course

Improve your working methods with the Professional Efficiency Course. From leading meetings to project management, and from software packages to English, choose from a wide range of electives and develop targeted skills to boost your performance in the workplace and fulfil your potential.

2nd year of the work-study Track

The second year is the year of specialisation and preparation for your future career. You have access to a choice of 10 specialisations, including 3 in English.


Semester 1 and 2

Campus according to chosen specialisation, 1 specialisation of your choice:

Parcours Carrière EM Normandie

One of EM Normandie's strengths is that it can help you at every stage of your work-study programme. Thanks to a dedicated team, you will benefit from support in finding and negotiating your contract. During your work-study period, regular monitoring is carried out with you and your employer to optimise your experience. At the end of your work-study contract, the work-study department carries out a review to take stock of your feedback, opinions and suggestions, as well as those of your employer.
A truly participative adventure!

Work-study Jobdatings

If you want to join the Work-Study Track, go to the dedicated Jobdatings. Apply for exclusive offers and then take part in interviews organised on campus or remotely. Many students land their work-study positions thanks to these days.

Feedback workshops

Enrich each other, learn to use collective intelligence by participating in peer-to-peer feedback workshops.

Hard Skills et Soft Skills : Expand your network ▪ Take a critical and constructive look at your ability to sell yourself

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