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Work-study programmes at EM Normandie Business School

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Work-study programmes now play a key role in helping management students on the Bachelor’s Degree in International Management and Master’s in Management courses to secure employment. They enable students to transition into the business world whilst they complete their studies and give companies the opportunity to invest in students’ talents and train them to fit their own culture.

The benefits of work-study programmes

Whether the programme involves an apprenticeship or professional training contract, the work-study scheme offers many advantages:

  • Students are partially or fully exempt from tuition fees
  • Students are paid a salary based on age and programme
  • Paid leave: students are entitled to five weeks’ paid leave
  • Social security cover: students are covered in the event of illness, accidents at work and maternity leave

The structure of work-study programmes

Students on work-study programmes generally spend three weeks in industry and one week in the classroom. This specific and intense structure tests learners’ ability to adapt, prioritise and immerse themselves in the business world as they take on particular projects, responsibilities and teamwork.

Work-study programmes at EM Normandie Business School

When it comes to work-study programmes, EM Normandie Business School is the benchmark of business schools, having invested in this domain for over 15 years.


I chose EM Normandie Business School as it offered many opportunities to go abroad, but also for the incredible atmosphere I picked up on during my oral admission tests. It was when I began my Master’s that I became interested in the work-study programme. I had just completed an optional year in industry with two 6-month placements, and wanted to continue to develop my skills in the business world. That’s why I chose a work-study programme at M2, which led me to the position of Onboarding Project Manager at Ornikar.

Romane Bolloch
Onboarding Project Manager, work-study programme at Ornikar, Class of 2020

Key figures

students choose work-study programmes each year
specialisms available on work-study programmes at M2
work-study programmes offered
companies in the network
of students that opt for work-study programmes at EM Normandie Business School receive job offers before they graduate

Tailored support

To help students find a work-study contract, transition into the business world and perform their duties, EM Normandie Business School provides tailored support based on the following key principles:

  • Coaching sessions on writing CVs, updating LinkedIn profiles and preparing for job interviews
  • Help with job searches. The School forwards job offers from partner companies in the network and arranges recruitment days and workshops.
  • A permanent link with host companies during the negotiation and drafting of work-study contracts
  • Follow-up for students at each stage of the work-study programme

Recruitment events throughout the year

To build networks and increase students’ opportunities, the School puts on many events throughout the year.

Job Meet Up

Open to students from U3/BMI 3, Job Meet Up is the perfect place to find an internship, work-study programme or job. Apply to the School's partner companies that appeal to you and get your foot in the door in 15-minute interviews. Many prestigious companies, such as BMW, Hilti and Decathlon attend each year looking for fresh talent.

Job Meet Up Janvier 2020
Job Meet Up Janvier 2020
Job Meet Up Janvier 2020
Job Meet Up Janvier 2020
Job Meet Up Janvier 2020
Job Meet Up Janvier 2020
Job Meet Up Janvier 2020
Job Meet Up Janvier 2020
Job Meet Up Janvier 2020
Job Meet Up Janvier 2020
Job Meet Up Janvier 2020
Job Meet Up Janvier 2020

Careers Workshops

Careers Workshops are networking events that take place on EM Normandie Business School’s French campuses. During these workshops, open to students from U3/BMI 3, graduates and professionals talk to students about what their jobs involve, their career pathways and companies, in a warm and friendly environment. Based on a variety of topics, including auditing, communications, marketing, human resources and logistics, these workshops provide an opportunity to learn how a company, profession or business sector works.

Work-Study Job Dating

EM Normandie Business School organises the Work-Study Job Dating service for students planning to opt for the Work-Study Track. How does this work? Companies wishing to recruit students on work-study programmes send exclusive offers to the School for staff to identify suitable candidates and arrange recruitment sessions on the Caen campus. And the matchmaking works! Many students find their work-study programme at EM Normandie Business School at this annual event.

Courses that offer work-study programmes

The perfect transition between the classroom and the business world, work-study programmes at EM Normandie empower students to take control of their future in subjects they are passionate about.

Bachelor’s in International Management

Offered as a work-study programme on the Le Havre and Paris campuses, the third year of the Bachelor’s in International Management is a fast track to employment.

Master’s in Management

Students on the Master’s cycle of the Grande Ecole Programme can take work-study programmes by opting for a specific Track or via one of the many specialisations on offer.

The Work-Study Track

Available on the Caen, Le Havre and Paris campuses, the Work-Study Track allows students to take a multi-specialist course over two years in M1, increasing employability and enabling them to choose from one of the four main areas of study offered during the M2 year to develop a specialism in the field.

M1 M2 Track Alternance

Discover the Work-study Track

M2 specialisms

Depending on the Track chosen, students can choose between 18 specialisms at M2. Nine of these are taught in English and ten may be taken as work-study programmes.

Discover Year 5 specializations

Specialised Master’s and PhD programmes

The Specialised Master’s® (MS) and PhD programmes offered as part of a work-study programme focus on professional skills training over at least two semesters, combining training seminars with periods in industry and business contests.

Discover the MS, MSc and Postgraduate Programmes

EM Normandie Business School CFA

In order to extend the work-study programme model beyond the walls of the School, EM Normandie Business School has set up its own Apprentice Training Centre (CFA). Based on the same core areas as the other programmes at the School (professional skills development, transition into the business world, and equal opportunities), the CFA offers many advantages:

  • Places for all eligible applicants
  • Direct support for apprentices from a dedicated team
  • Independence
  • Administrative tasks simplified and costs reduced for businesses

Work-study opportunities at EM Normandie Business School

EM Normandie Business School graduates go into a wide variety of roles in sectors such as sales, marketing, logistics, auditing and human resources.

A diverse range of partner companies

EM Normandie has links with many partner companies, from VSEs to large international groups, enabling students to develop their networks and increase their opportunities.

Entreprises partenaires 2020

Getting a place on a work-study programme at EM Normandie Business School

Depending on your location, there are various ways in which you can join an EM Normandie Business School work-study programme


Applicants from the following countries must provide the documents below: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus (Greece part), Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom (until the transition period after Brexit comes to an end) Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway - young nationals of the Swiss Confederation (SWITZERLAND).

  • A valid ID card or
  • A valid passport

Applicants from countries outside Europe may take work-study programmes subject to the following conditions:

  • They hold a "Vie privée, vie familiale" residence permit
  • They reside in France regularly and hold a valid residence permit
  • They reside in France and have a residence card which states “Student" and "travail à titre accessoire” (employment permitted as a secondary activity)

Obtaining a work permit

The residence permit stating “travail à titre accessoire” does not entitle students to work full time whilst on a work-study programme.

Before entering into an apprenticeship or professional skills development contract, applicants from outside Europe must first obtain permission to work and follow the application procedure below:

  • A CERFA no. 15186*02 form (see notice No. 51882-02) duly completed by the employer must be obtained
  • Once this application has been filled out, it must be sent to the applicant’s local DIRECCTE service (foreign labour department of the local employment authorities) at least three weeks before the start of the contract.
  • If all the required information is supplied and the applicant meets all the criteria, they will be sent a temporary work permit (APT) in the post.
  • Provide the valid residence permit stating "student"
  • Provide a stamped addressed envelope with the company's contact details
  • Supply a copy of the course certificate of registration or student certificate
  • Provide proof of address
  • Supply the work-study contract signed by both parties
  • The administration team may request further documents


Work-study programmes
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