qui sommes-nous ?

Who We Are

EM Normandie is a Grande Ecole that has guaranteed a level of excellence to match your ambitions for over 150 years.

Our reason to exist

EM Normandie enlightens those who are committed to meeting the challenges facing humanity.

Its raison d'être? To inspire and train the generations of yesterday, today and tomorrow to become the actors of a sustainable world: free to think, free to learn, free to create.

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Our philosophy: “School for life, School for good”

Jules Siegfried worked to change society and was involved in the major changes of his time: business training, equality between men and women by supporting his wife in her struggles, openness to the world, access to housing for as many people as possible, etc.

Participating in the changes in the world is part of the school's heritage. Beyond preparing generations to act, EM Normandie must also be an actor in this sustainable world.

Convinced that Business Schools must change their paradigm, EM Normandie questioned itself when defining its strategic orientations for 2030.

EM Normandie's new strategy has two main objectives: to accompany students throughout their lives and to help them make a positive contribution to the world that is taking shape.

School for life school for good

Key figures

students and professionals in training

1,000 international students of more than 65 nationalities welcomed each year on the 6 campuses of the School.

9 languages taught.

70 international visiting professors

40% of native English-speaking teachers.

permanent French and international professors

96% management professors holding a Ph.D.

800+ high-level professional speakers including many graduates (KPMG, Groupe La Poste, Nestlé, Bandaï Namco, Seafrigo...).

partner universities in 60 countries

Obtain a double degree at one of our partner universities, all of which are renowned for their excellence on 5 continents.

5 000+
partner companies

70,000+ mission, internship, work-study and job offers from partner companies and the EM Normandie Alumni Network, including 5,000 in exclusivity.

students enrolled in a work-study programme each year

1 integrated CFA to facilitate your procedures and offer you an unlimited number of work-study places.

1 500 work-study offers shared each year on the Jobboard. 

400+ recruitment events each year: Career Workshops, Short Internship Forum, Jobdating, Job Meetup.

Un groupe d'étudiant souriant


EM Normandie is a higher education institution under associative status (law of 1901) and under private law contract, placed under the general management of Elian Pilvin since 2020.

The Board of Directors

The Board has been chaired by Jean-Louis Grégoire since 2021. It determines the general policy of the School, has the General Assembly debate it and delegates its implementation to the Bureau. The Board of Directors is composed of representatives of the School, regional institutions and companies.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee defines the School's policy and guides its action. Its members are

  • Dean
  • Dean of Faculty and Research
  • Dean of Admission
  • Dean of Development
  • Dean of Programs
  • Chief Operations & Technologies Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer

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Induction weeks: welcome to the EM Normandie community!

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Oxford City Tour with students from EM Normandie Business School
Let's meet Tom Ahern, International student of EM Normandie Business School