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Webmarketing expertise : developing webmarketing expertise to advise and direct

Campus: Caen, Le Havre


Learning Objectives 

  • Mastering Webmarketing tools to acquire a 2.0 consultant profile 
  • Being able to issue relevant recommendations according to the needs identified 
  • Mastering social networks to generate loyalty among, and extend, your community 
  • Being able to measure the performance of your activity 

Target Public 

  • Any individual who wishes to train in this domain


  • Having attended the Level 1 Webmarketing Training Programme 
  • Fair command of the lexis and regular web practice 


Day 1: Setting up an efficient strategy on social networks and monitoring your presence 

Social Media Strategy & Methodology 

  • Building your social network strategy 
  • Becoming an efficient organisation 
  • Decidg on your style and contents  
  • What content to publish and what style to adopt?  
  • What publication frequency?

Practical Case Studies – Analysis of existing pages  

  • Audience, Objectives, Publishing Frequency, Contents, Styles…

E-reputation: how to manage it  

  • How to react when you are talked about 
  • What legal actions to take when faced with negative comments? 


  • Discussion: positioning participants pages /accounts 
  • Planning a model publication week

Day 2: Monitoring the performance of your website with Google Analytics

How to install Google Analytics

  • Presentation Google Analytics
  • Installation of Google Analytics
  • How to configure Google Analytics according to your needs

How to analyse the efficiency of your Internet website contents 

  • Learning how to detect the strengths and weaknesses of a page 
  • Monitoring and analysing the efficiency of the conversion tunnel  
  • Assessing internet users‘ interest in your content 

How to analyse your traffic

  • Who are your visitors?
  • Learning how to follow the navigation of an internet search on your website 

How to know where your users came from 

  • The various sources of acquisition
  • Knowing how to identify the precise origin of your visitors 

How to monitor the conversion and transformation 

  • Learning how to define your objectives 
  • Creating and following your objectives

The specific case of E-commerce and social networks

  • How to optimise Google Analytics for e-commerce
  • How to follow the impact of social networks on your website  

Day 3: Understanding and improving natural referencing for a website 

Defining your positioning on the web  

  • Positioning survey
  • Analysing relevant keywords for your targets  
  • Creating relevant architecture, pages and content 

How to optimise the content of a website

  • Text content
  • Visual and Video Content 
  • Good practices for writing well for the web 

How to technically optimise your website  

  • Sitemap & Robots.txt
  • Change Time
  • Optimisation of HTML Tags (hN, titles, alt ...)
  • Internal Mesh

Site Authority

  • Understanding Net Linking
  • Learning how to identify and find quality links

Day 4: Learning how to set up advertising campaigns on search motors 

Definition of an advertising strategy

  • What objectives and targets? 
  • How to organise your account and campaigns 

Configure your Google Analytics Account and linking it with Google Adwords

Creating and configuring a Search Campaign

  • Search: principles, stakes, formats and constraints 
  • Finding the right keywords
  • Mastering targeting functions 
  • Writing text announcements 

Creating and configuring a Display advertising campaign 

  • Display: principles, stakes, formats and constraints 
  • Creating and configuring your campaign  
  • Illustrated advertisements and targeting  

Learning how to set up Remarketing

Advertising on Facebook

  • The various types of campaigns
  • Creating, analysing and optimising a Facebook campaign

The training programme combines theory (50%) and practice (50%), individual and group work. Participants must bring along a laptop. 

After completing the training programme, participants will be given: 

  • An evaluation questionnaire on the programme
  • A Certificate of Attendance


To register, please fill out the following registration form.

Do not hesitate to contact Executive Education to learn more about which training programme to select depending on your profile.

Executive education resgistration form (french version)

Tuition fees and funding options

  • Duration: 4 days, i.e. 28 hrs of training
  • Dates: please contact us for further information
  • Tuition Fees: please contact us for further information

Many funding options are available. They will vary according to the profile and situation of the applicant: wage earner, unemployed, self-employed. Important note: training programme expenses may be deducted from your Taxable Revenues. Find out more about funding options

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