Head of "International Business Networks" Research Area - Professor in Marketing

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Marketing & negociation unit
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International Marketing
Marketing B2B
Professor HDR in Management Sciences. He has been a Professor at EM Normandy since 2013. He conducts research in the field of B To B, business relations and business networks. He publishes in the best academic journals of business marketing and leads the axis of research International Business Networks. He is also a member of the International Board of the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group (IMP).
2015: Authorization to conduct research (HDR) - Corvinus University of Budapest
2003: PhD in Management - University of Budapest
1994: PhD in Marketing - University ofBudapest
Professional experience
  • Since 2013: Professor in Marketing - EM Normandie
  • 2005-2013: Professor - University of Budapest
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Mandjak, T 2015, 'Business relationship management and the value of business relationship', Accreditation to supervise Ph.D. in Accreditation to supervise Ph.D, University of Corvinus
PhD Dissertation / Accreditation to Supervise Management Research

Mandjak, T, Lavissière, A, Hofmann, J, Bouchery, Y, Lavissière, M-C, Faury, O & Sohier, R (forthcoming), 'Port marketing from a multidisciplinary perspective: A systematic literature review  and lexicometric analysis', Transport Policy. CNRS: 3 ; HCERES: B

Academic articles

Mandjak, T, Belaïd, S & Naude, P (forthcoming), ‘The development of trust over time in an emerging market context: the case of the Tunisian automotive sector’, Journal of Business and industrial Marketing. CNRS: 3 ; FNEGE: 3 ; HCERES: B

Academic articles

Ivanova, M, Koporcic, N, Dziubaniuk, B & Mandjak, T 2018, 'Collecting rich qualitative data on business relationships and networks in CEE countries: Challenges and plausible solutions', Industrial Marketing Management, vol. 70, pp.193-204, April.; CNRS: 2; FNEGE: 2; HCERES: A

Academic articles

Mandjak, T, Wimmer, A & Durrieu, F 2017, 'The influence of economic crises on network behavior', Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, vol. 32, no. 3, pp.455-466, May-June.; CNRS: 3; FNEGE: 3; HCERES: B

Academic articles

Lavissière, A, Mandjak, T & Fedi, L 2016, 'The key role of infrastructure in backshoring operations: the case of free-zones', Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal, vol. 17, no. 3, pp.143-155; CNRS: 4; FNEGE: 3; HCERES: C

Academic articles

Mandjak, T, Szalkai, Z, Neumann-Bodi, E, Magyar, M & Simon, J 2016, 'Trigger issues in emerging relationships', Industrial Marketing Management, vol. 58, pp.137-147, October.; CNRS: 2; FNEGE: 2; HCERES: A

Academic articles

Mandjak, T, Szalkai, Z, Neumann-Bodi, E, Magyar, M & Simon, J 2015, 'Emerging relationships: How are they born?', Industrial Marketing Management, vol. 49, pp.32-41, August.; CNRS: 2; AERES: A; FNEGE: 2

Academic articles

Mandjak, T, Simon, J & Szalkai, Z 2011, 'A framework for the analysis of global, regional and local business networks', Industrial Marketing Management, vol. 40, no. 6, pp.822-829, August.; CNRS: 2; AERES: A

Academic articles

Lavissière, A, Mandjak, T & Hofmann, J 2018, 'A nested business network model: The network Rubik’s Cube', 26th Annual Conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME 2018), Mombasa, Kenya, Sept, 11-14.

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