Projet Citoyen

The community project

A pair of students is assigned to each community project, spending one day a week with your organisation between October and April.

What is a community project?

EM Normandie Business School second year students working towards the Master's in Management (Grande Ecole Programme) have the option to sign up for a community project, where they work part-time with an organisation.

EM Normandie is offering your organisation the opportunity to take on two students with prior training on strategic analysis methods and tools, one day a week between October and April.

Projet citoyen ou associatif

The students can take on a variety of tasks, including:

  • Implementing a communications strategy (e.g. social networks)
  • Producing marketing materials
  • Business development 
  • Updating databases 
  • Administrative support
  • Events management
  • Coordinating logistics
  • Raising young people’s awareness of sustainable development
Mathilde Brossier

Together with the association project, the community project is one of the cornerstones of the EM Normandie experience. Its purpose is to train future professionals who have a socially responsible outlook. Should you decide to welcome EMN students, you can be safe in the knowledge that as well as benefiting from their expertise, creativity and energy, you will be contributing to and encouraging their commitments outside the School.

Mathilde Brossier
Director of Branding and the EM Normandie Experience

Supervision and monitoring

The two students hosted by your organisation will be supervised throughout their placement:

  • Two mentoring sessions per semester at the School
  • Access to a range of information sources on-campus
  • Continuous monitoring by a mentor who should be a permanent staff member of your organisation

Students produce two reports during their placement. The first is delivered in December during their viva, attended by their mentor and EM Normandie teaching staff. The second is a written report to be submitted in semester two.

Virginie Briand
Direction Spirit Division
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