Guillaume Bernard

Guillaume Bernard

Master in Management
Management Control Director at Christian Dior

EM Normandie: A unique field of possibilities

Guillaume Bernard

I started at EM Normandie in 2007, I left school after my A levels. There were two main factors behind my choice: I wanted to study management to Master’s level, and I wanted to spend a year in Japan. At that time, I was really passionate about Japanese civilisation. Of all the undergraduate options I had, only EM Normandie met my criteria. In 2009 I set off for Tokyo and I had a once in a lifetime experience. Being on your own on the other side of the world and not knowing anyone is a great adventure. I met lots of interesting people and I learnt a lot about myself, as you often do when you’re outside your comfort zone. When I got back together with my classmates who had also been abroad, we found that we’d all changed a lot! The business school was still the same, though: welcoming, human, a family.

Place the human being and the word at the heart of management

After three years in audit and accounting, of which two years was an apprenticeship, and some time in Germany at Airbus Helicopters, I became a Control Manager at LVMH Watch & Jewelry in Tokyo. I’ve made fast progress and now I’m the Management Control Director for Christian Dior in New York. The LVMH Group is a whole world in itself, a cluster of very different brands where there are lots of opportunities for entrepreneurial people. I now get to collaborate with a wide range of people, whether I’m working on management issues with sales, marketing teams or even human resources. The main focus of my work is supporting them in their planning, helping them to perform well and assisting them with their projects. I also work on reimagining processes and systems and ease the communication between different departments and senior management. Managing and synthesising financial information are the most important skills for this role, as that data forms a basis for the company to make the best decisions. However soft skills, such as negotiation, organisation and strategic advice, are also vitally important part of my day to day work, and give me motivation and a deep sense of satisfaction.

The responsability of each person and benefits for all

A business school needs an active and effective network, a real community where people are in regular contact and help one another, because of the difference it makes to graduates’ success and growth. When I was looking for a job in Japan, I contacted members of the Alumni association: they all replied and did their level best to help me. At the international level, the more progress the school makes, the stronger our network will be. To that end, it’s important to understand that it isn’t just up to the business school to make it work, but that each current and former student needs to play their part, accepting the responsibilities that come with the benefits.

Guillaume's advice :

" Once when I was having doubts about my chosen path, I came across a quote that really struck me. It said that there will always be people who disagree with your choices in life, but that often their criticisms say more about them than they do about you. Only you can write your own story, so have confidence in your own instincts and be bold and determined. "