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Discover the testimonies and success stories of Camille, Julien, Clara, Mehdi,... and enrich yourself with their experience within EM Normandie.
Frédérique Cintrat
Founder of Axielles
Master in Management

A graduate of the class of 1987, Frédérique tells us how she became one of the 40 most inspiring women in France according to Forbes. After holding various positions of [...]

HR Officer at TF1
Master in Management

Chloé graduated from EM Normandie in 2021. She is currently in charge of HR missions at TF1. After an internship at Salto (TF1 group), she became a work-study student and [...]

Manon - My Expat'
to Barcelona
Master in Management

Manon tells us about her expatriation to Barcelona during a year in a partner university (over two separate semesters due to Covid).

Ảnh thu nhỏ
Co-founder of Fizzer
Master in Management

He graduated from EM Normandie in 2011 and created the company Fizzer. He explains how he became an entrepreneur following a trip to the mountains with his close friend with [...]

- My Job in Montreal
Master in Management

Camille, currently working as a Prototype Buyer at Volvo in Canada, talks about her international career path and shares her experience of life in Montreal.

Paul - My Expat'
to Boston
Master in Management

Paul tells is about his expatriation to Boston during a year at a partner university.

Programme Grande École

He graduated from EM Normandie in 2004, climbed the ladder and even ended up taking over the company he was working for. Today, he is CEO of UNIFER and has [...]

Jean - My Expat'
to Hong Kong
Master in Management

Jean looks back on his expatriation to Hong Kong as part of his expatriation to a partner university.

Ảnh thu nhỏ
Mégane -
Founder of LINPACT
Bachelor International Management

A 2016 graduate of EM Normandie, Mégane Fleury co-created Linpact, an eco-luxury ready-to-wear brand #MadeInFrance in Linen! Mégane and her associates want to revolutionise the way we consume and, above [...]

Antoine - My Expat'
to Dublin
Year 4 - Master in Management

Antoine reflects on his expatriation to Dublin, on the EM Normandie campus.