Virginie Vast

Virginie Vast

Master in Management
Head of Digital Supply Chain & Procurement Transformation at Vodafone produrement company

EM Normandie, the beginning of an adventure

Virginie Vast

After graduating from EM Normandie with a master’s, I took off to Sweden where I joined one of the University of Gothenburg’s master’s programmes. I then completed my thesis at the Siemens Head Office in Germany, where I lived my first real professional experience. A very formative experience no doubt, but I would probably find it somewhat difficult nowadays to work for a company with as many processes, a very enriching experience nevertheless and one which is still useful to me in my work today. The international dimension is ingrained in me. I hold dual citizenship and I was born in a family of entrepreneurs so that taking risks, feeling responsible and being resilient in all circumstances, have been an integral part of my life. 

I hold dual citizenship and I was born in a family of entrepreneurs.

Change and Challenge, two sources of motivation

Within our digital strategy, artificial intelligence ranks certainly as our major stake in this day and age. We have invested massively in this project and we have devised a very advanced strategy based on a 2020 vision, where managerial levels will witness intelligence amplification thanks to artificial intelligence in order to make faster decisions. A fascinating field in which Vodafone is determined to be the leader.
To date, I lead teams that include about 180 people based in Luxemburg, India and Budapest. This is may be the easiest part of my work: everyone has a chance to influence strategy, the opportunity to have an impact on things, and to ‘create’ the future… They are passionate people and digital addicts! And every day I will repeat to them:’ Create something that can wipe us out’, a manner of ‘Uberising’ our own team to take up new challenges! This sounds ruthless, but that’s how things are. You must think about how you can change things, then take risks to bring about that change, and be a leader on the market…

Keeping in touch thanks to the Réseau

I’m still in contact with the School and I recently visited the students on the Oxford Campus. I was pleased to see that the School continued to invest in programmes taught 100% in English and was increasingly opening up to the international dimension. I have kept in touch with the friends I made at the School and some of them are among my suppliers! Mutual aid between us, that is also part of the Réseau EM Normandie. Beyond doing business together, I do feel it is very important to maintain links with one’s School. We have a lot to learn from the new generation in order to prepare for tomorrow! For instance, gaming and coding skills are true assets in the digital field of the Supply Chain. 

We have a lot to learn from the new generation in order to prepare for tomorrow!

Virginie's advice :

"Take risks!"