Marion Henrio

Marion Henrio

Master in Management
Christian Dior Perfume Digital in store Project Manager

EM Normandie’s unique atmosphere

Marion Henrio

I joined EM Normandie in my third year of studies. I started my studies with a DUT (2-year diploma) in Marketing Techniques, and then I took the Passerelle competitive exam to join EM Normandie. I loved the business school straight away! I can still remember the Team Accueil, who were so dynamic and tight-knit. I quickly realized  this was the place I wanted to be, and the right place to invest myself and find my way. I only have good memories. For example, I loved being part of the Bureau Des étudiants (Student Union) - the challenge of the campaigns, the atmosphere, etc. I was part of a team that redecorated the whole campus with a jungle theme in 2 days. It was a massive challenge! On a more general level, having been a member of the Bureau Des étudiants allowed me to develop my skills in terms of organisation, negotiation and communication. 

The beauty industry, a fast-changing sector

Between the first and second years of my Master’s, I decided to spend a year in industry. One of the things I did was a 6 month internship in London. That was a really formative experience for me, and I also needed it to improve my level in English. After that optional year, I chose the Master’s in Marketing and Commercial Strategy, which I did part-time while working as a POS/PROMO Junior Buyer at L’Oréal. Once I graduated I got a job at M.A.C Cosmetics, and I stayed there for a little over 2 years. I started as a Store Design Project Coordinator, working with designers on shop openings in emerging markets. Then, little by little, I started to become more proactive in improving in-store customer experience. From there, I evolved into a new post at the brand’s headquarters : Digital in store Project Manager. I undertook exciting projects such as designing and installing selfie screens or 180 degree cameras in the M.A.C. Cosmetics stores in Paris, Stockholm and Berlin. In January 2018, I started at Parfums Christian Dior as their Digital in store Project Manager. This new role aims to ensure the best possible use of digital tools in Dior stores across the world, and to put in place a new after-sales process. Every day I’m in contact with people in different countries, which helps me to grow in an international context and keeps me speaking English every day. One thing’s for sure, I love working in the cosmetics sector, because it’s always changing. It keeps you on your toes!

Move up with EM Normandie Alumni

Our alumni network is really great: big and supportive ! At business school, I met lots of people and really built up a network. For example, I found a traineeship in London through the Alumni association. It’s a real asset for students and they really should value it. The key to a community like this is helping one another! Within the Alumni network there’s always someone who can give you advice.

Marion's advice :

" It’s important to get lots of professional experience, perhaps by doing a traineeship or studying part time. You learn a lot during your studies, but also by working in a business. Show how you can adapt and demonstrate your willingness to learn. Be curious and know how to sell yourself ! "