The student society path

The student society path

Through the Student Society Path, youcan carry out a project within a Student Society and get this initiative validated as an internship.

The Principle

The Student Society Path allows you to serve an internship within one of the School’s Student Societies. A smart way to give more scope to your project and enrich you both personally and professionally.  

As in standard in-company internships, you will be supervised by a tutor (a School Faculty member) who will evaluate you at the end of the project.  You are supported by a member of the Link Office who will guide you and give you valuable advice on the development of your project.  


  • To capitalise on your engagement and dynamism within your Student Society  
  • To make your project progress significantly over a longer period of time  
  •  To foster contacts and sharing between students in successive cohorts  

Who is eligible?

Any Grande Ecole Programme student with a concrete project to suggest (objectives, forecasted budget, partners, planning, etc.) may apply:  

  • At the end of Year 2 (U2) 
  • At the end of Year 3 (U3) 
  • During the Off-Campus Year 

The duration of the Path depends on the length of your project. 

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