Admission EM Normandie 2022

Start your academic year 2022 at EM Normandie

Are you joining EM Normandie in September? To prepare for the new school year, find all the essential information and take part in the "Induction Weeks", two weeks to meet other students & the staff and find out everything about your school.

EM Normandie newcomers, welcome!

The EM Normandie community is delighted to welcome you: Induction Weeks, accommodation, access to campuses, etc. Find out all the essential information you need for the start of the 2022 academic year!

Once you have been assigned to a programme, EM Normandie student communication service will contact by e-mail you as soon as possible to give you all the information you need.

If you were already a student at EM Normandie in 2021-2022, we invite you to visit your Intranet for all information concerning your new school year. Information concerning your re-registration and the start of the school year will be sent to you shortly.


Table of contents

Induction Weeks: 2 weeks to facilitate your integration
Specific information for Dublin and Oxford
Access to campuses
Frequently asked questions
Your contacts


Induction Weeks
for all new students

Official start for all students with the Induction Weeks except for BMI3 on work-study and M1 on work-study.

Mandatory attendance
(except for international students attached to Dublin and Oxford campuses)

Details about dates and times


Reception of international students (only for French campuses)
Monday 29/08

Welcoming international students to their home campus: Caen, Le Havre and Paris.

For Dublin and Oxford campuses, you will be welcomed directly on your home campus.

Welcome Day
Tuesday 30/08

Inter-campus welcome for all new students at the "Carré des Docks" in Le Havre: departure by bus (location to be confirmed).
For French students, attached to the Dublin and Oxford campuses: departure by bus from Paris (location to be confirmed).

Preparing your school year
Wednesday 31/08 to Monday 05/09 included

Caen, Le Havre and Paris campuses only

  • End of admission process on each campus,
  • Discovering your home campus facilities and students services at your disposal,
  • Academic year presentation,
  • Language tests,
  • Village of students associative projects / Safe School Village.

Student integration
Tuesday 06/09 to Friday 09/09

Numerous team building activities and parties organised by EM Normandie students.


Specific information for Dublin and Oxford


After the Welcome Day, the EM Ireland team invites you for 3 days of integration activities.

City tour, team building and discovery of the Irish landscape.

Opening Gala of the year at the Gibson Hotel on 12 September in the presence of the French ambassador to Ireland, partners and alumni. Black tie.


You are expected on Monday 03/10 on the Oxford campus.

2 Induction Weeks from 3 to 15 October alongside the classes. 

Prestigious Opening Ceremony of the academic year at Oxford Town Hall in the presence of the Mayor of Oxford on Tuesday 4 October in the early evening. Black Tie Event.

The Induction Weeks:
2 weeks induction

To begin the new year off to a good start, participate in our Induction weeks organised on your campuses! 

During these days, many moments of exchange and conviviality are offered.

Get to know your peers and discover all the aspects of the EM Normandie Experience (flexible courses, community life, professionalisation, expatriations, immersive and gamified courses ...) through presentations and workshops in small groups.

Exchange with the staff, ask all your questions and prepare your arrival at EM Normandie in the best conditions. 

Intégration 2018
Intégration Paris
Intégration Paris
Intégration Paris
Welcome Day 2019
Welcome Day 2019
Welcome Day 2019
Welcome Day 2019
Intégration 2019
Intégration Oxford
Welcome Day 2019
Welcome Day 2019
Intégration 2018
Intégration Paris
Intégration Paris
Intégration Paris
Welcome Day 2019
Welcome Day 2019
Welcome Day 2019
Welcome Day 2019
Intégration 2019
Intégration Oxford
Welcome Day 2019
Welcome Day 2019

The Welcome Day

For the first time this year, all the new students concerned will be gathered on the Le Havre campus on the first day. More information will be communicated to you very soon by the student communication service.

You will be welcomed by Élian PILVIN, Director General, the Programmes Department, the Alumni Service, the International Affairs...

A conference will be offered as well as a lunch and a Team Building activity.

The day will end with a cocktail reception.


Discovering campuses and services

Through games, discover your campus, your city and the services you will need throughout your studies.

To help you finalise your registration file:

The Hub (a central service for your administrative life) / The Financial Service.

For your daily support:

The Business and Careers Department and the EM Normandie Alumni Association: for your internship, work-study and job searches, coaching, the graduates' network, the Career Path and its recruitment tools...

The International Affairs: for information on study abroad (French students) and support for international students.

The Pedagogical Teams and the Faculty of Teachers: for information on programmes and pedagogical tools.

The Balance & Inclusion service: to find out about social, psychological and disability-related support...

The Associations and Events Department: see the Project Village.

The Induction Weeks' Team: for registration to Team Building activities.

The External Partners: banks, transport, accommodation, etc.


The Project Village

Discover the students associations, the School's projects, and the Community Projects of our associative partners.
At EM Normandie, there are more than 100 associative projects in sustainable development, business, arts, sports.
There are more than 50 Community Projects at our partner associations: UNICEF, SPA, Secours Populaire...

Learn more

Campus visits

Discover your campus and get your bearings from the very first days by visiting its facilities and services. Ask the Welcome Team any questions you may have.

Team Building activities

Break the ice and meet lots of people by taking part in the various activities on offer during these days.

Find out what to expect during the Welcome Weeks.

Practical information

You have the possibility to get a refund for your trip from the airport/station to your housing (limit of 40€ per student). The International Cooperation department will send detailed information by email.

plan accès campus

How to come to our campuses

Accommodation and funding your course 

The Studapart platform 

Find your accommodation match with Studapart! Whether you’re based in France or on an overseas campus, the EM Normandie-endorsed student accommodation platform will help you to: 

  • Find rented accommodation 
  • Find or set up a house or flatshare 
  • Find  a sub-let 
  • Find a temporary room 

Are you looking for a house/flatshare? 

Join the Facebook accommodation group for your campus to find other students to share with: 

Find out more

How can I pay for my course? 

There are a number of funding solutions to help business school students with modest incomes. Find out more about Grand Ecole access schemes, from State grants to alternative routes. 

Find out more

Your EM Normandie contacts

Do you have a question? Our departments are here to help and provide answers!

Let's stay connected