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Speaking up in public

Caen, Le Havre, Paris



Being called to speak in public is more and more frequent in our society. It has now become vital to acquire a fair level of public speaking skills to convince your audience.

Learning Objectives

  • Defining the frame and structure of your message
  • Strengthening your expression capabilities through voice and body
  • Managing your stress
  • Using PowerPoint to support your message
  • Giving your oral presentation more dynamism



  • The components of communication
  • Loss of message strength, the importance of non-verbal communication
  • Defining a frame and a structure for your message
  • A preparation method for any oral communication situation
  • Managing stress
  • Warming up techniques
  • PowerPoint Best Practice
  • Simulation of a professional situation using PowerPoint
  • Two presentations filmed on video 
  • Personalised Feedback

Additional training programme: "How to give an effective presentation"


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Tuition fees and funding options

Fee: €500 for a 7-hr programme

Many funding options are available. They will vary according to the profile and situation of the applicant: wage earner, unemployed, self-employed. Important note: training programme expenses may be deducted from your Taxable Revenues. Find out more about funding options

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