Executive Education

Short Programmes

Acquire a specialisation quickly and efficiently by taking on-campus or e-learning short training programmes. Choose from our wide range of professionalising programmes in the following fields:


Whether you work for a port, in the shipping industry, or in a company connected with the wider port ecosystem, and no matter your career profile or experience, you will find a training programme to meets your needs and expectations with IPER.

Short programmes: Management, HRM and Personal Development

Speaking up in public, managing conflict situations, chairing a meeting… such training programmes will help you gain self-assurance and confidence at work.

Short programmmes: Marketing and Sales

Short programmes to acquire methods, approaches and tools to allow you to share both the Marketing and Sales visions. The programmes are given by professionals in the field who take into account the latest developments in Marketing and Network Sales.

Short programmes: Web and Digital Entrepreneurship

Training programmes to give you an initiation and train you in entrepreneurship and the new practices linked to economic changes. Given by InsIDE, these short programmes in web and digital operations will allow you to extend your competencies further in terms of digital communication strategy and...