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Scientific events

The academic reputation and attractiveness of the Métis Laboratory are based on strong links woven with scientific partners. Research Conferences, Days and Colloquia are thus organised or co-organised on a regular basis by the Laboratory’s researchers.  

These scientific events have an international objective and gather researchers and practitioners around major current economic issues such as Family Entrepreneurship, Project Management or Cross-cultural Management. 

Colloquia and conferences organised by the school
55ème colloque ASRDLF on "Economic actors and regionalisation"

EM Normandie Caen

4-6 July 2018

GOL'2018 4th International Conference on Logistics Operations Management

EM Normandie Le Havre

10-12 April 2018

Research days on cyber security

EM Normandie Le Havre

4 april 2018

International workshop on Artic

EM Normandie Le Havre

15 March 2018

Research day on harassment at work

EM Normandie Paris

1st February 2018

Journées Georges Doriot

The creation of the Journées Georges Doriot in 2006 has allowed Entrepreneurship Research teams from EM Normandie, HEC Paris and ESG UQAM (Montréal, Canada) to come together.

These ‘days’, organised every other year, are an opportunity to put into practice three of the major principles of research: practical intelligence, cross-disciplinary orientation and openness to professionals. The scientific community and the professional world thus exchange through talks, debates and workshops dedicated to the topic of the year’s edition. 

The 2018 edition of the Georges Doriot Days took place in Montréal on 15, 16 and 17 May 2018. Topic: ‘Entrepreneurship and Sharing:  what is the potential for social transformation?’

Pascale Bueno Merino
Bueno Merino
Dean of Research EM Normandie
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