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The school

Founded in 1871 in Le Havre as one of the first French Grande Ecoles Business Schools, École de Management de Normandie is a Tertiary Education institution for Management training and research formed as a Private Law Association under the 1901 Act.
Through 147 years of innovation and conquest, EM Normandie has succeeded in being among the Best European Business Schools. The School now hosts around 4,000 learners on its 5 campuses in Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Dublin and Oxford.

EM Normandie

Ecole de Management de Normandie has innovated for 147 years to guarantee a degree of excellence that matches its ambitions. A spirit of conquest inherited from its history and its Normandy roots, enabling the School to be ranked among the Best European Business Schools.
Among its assets...

A multi-campus school

EM Normandie has adopted a multi-campus structure, spreading across France, the UK and Ireland. It presents an opportunity for students to choose other specialisations, to improve their proficiency in another language and to be exposed to other cultures.

Institutes and expertise

EM Normandie is backed by a network of expert institutes and specialised units who make new and substantial contributions to knowledge in several fields: Shipping and Ports (IPER), Entrepreneurship and Innovation (InsIDE) and Education, Learning and Future Trends (Observatory of Occupations and...
Alumni EM Normandie

EM Normandie Alumni association

With a membership of over 16,000 members spread over a hundred countries, EM Normandie Alumni Association federates both the School’s alumni and students. By facilitating this wide community, the School fosters exchanges between members from all over the world and offers a range of services to...

Fondation EM Normandie

EM Normandie foundation

The mission of the EM Normandie foundation is to support the School’s development and to extend its reputation, in keeping with its values of engagement, support and sharing.

Offering a cooperative contract, an internship or employment

EM Normandie recruitment opportunities

To support its development, EM Normandie recruits Lecturers/Researchers to increase its Faculty and Support Services Staff Members. Join a top-quality Faculty and enjoy the multi-campus mobility offered at the School. Find out about our employment offers or submit your Résumé directly to apply as...