La politique RH à l'EM Normandie

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For nearly 150 years, we have been training students and professionals able to take up the managerial and entrepreneurial challenges of tomorrow, to make decisions and operate under uncertainty within businesses and organisations located around the world.

We have a passion for Higher Education, pedagogical innovation, production and transmission of knowledge and we have at heart to work as a team, in a rich and stimulating environment focusing on a genuine offer of values for our learners. 

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All EM Normandie collaborators are engaged in the same mission: To train managers for tomorrow’s world. Women and men showing initiative, prepared to lead change and project management, open to cross-cultural management and aware of Corporate Social Responsibility. 

This School offers you the opportunity to operate in an international environment on its 6 campuses in France, the UK, and Ireland. These campuses are multicultural environments thanks to the many nationalities at the School, as well as places for exchange to work in, where 410 team members including 105 full-time Faculty members meet, men and women with a variety of rich personalities, careers and expertise. 

Before your arrival to the School, a HR correspondent will contact you to build up your integration file. On D-day, you will be welcome by your manager who will take you for a visit of the campus you are assigned to and to introduce you to your team before you take up your position.

EM Normandie is attentive to the well-being at work for its employees and collaborators by offering many benefits: 

  • Luncheon Vouchers (€ 9.50 per working day), 
  • 6-week paid holiday + RTT (extra compensation days), 
  • Work from home depending on positions,   
  • Quality Additional Mutual Society Health Plan, 
  • Insurance, Additional Pension Scheme after 1 year of seniority,  
  • Statutory ‘Right to Disconnect’, etc. 

The CSE (Works Committee) offers many sports, social and cultural opportunities and activities at preferential rates. 

The School makes a point to preserve caring at work and respect of core values as a basis for team management. Attentive to its collaborators’ aspirations, EM Normandie supports dialogue with Executive Management, the managers and the HR and CSR teams to contribute to the fulfilment of all and everyone, a prior condition for success in the collective mission.

La politique Ressources Humaines de l'EM Normandie favorise l'inclusion

Professional Career Evolution and Mobility 

EM Normandie considers its employees as the vectors for its success. It encourages their mobility, both internal and/or geographical across its campuses to bring dynamism to everyone’s career path. 

Continuing Education 

EM Normandie is determined to raise the competencies of its collaborators. To achieve this, the HR Service draws up every year a Competency Development Plan based on the specific needs identified for its employees according to the School’s strategic plans and their requests expressed during the annual evaluation interviews. 

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Gender equality index

Within the framework of the law "For the freedom to choose your professional future", EM Normandie publishes its 2021 gender equality index which is the result of a calculation on the following 5 indicators:

  • Gender pay gap
  • Difference in the distribution of individual salary increases
  • Difference in the distribution of promotions
  • Number of employees salary increase upon their return from maternity leave
  • Number of under-represented gender in the top 10 highest earnings

On a maximum scale of 100 points, EM Normandie obtains the score of 76/100, already placing it above the objectives set at 3 years by the French Ministry of Labour.

The index in details:

Indicators Catégories Score EM Normandie
Indicateur 1 / 40 points Gender pay gap 31
Indicateur 2 / 20 points Difference in the distribution of individual salary increases 20
Indicateur 3 / 15 points Difference in the distribution of promotions 15
Indicateur 4 / 15 points Number of employees salary increase upon their return from maternity leave 0
Indicateur 5 / 10 points Number of under-represented gender in the top 10 highest earnings 10
  Total / 100 points 76