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Recruiting a student on a cooperative contract

Cooperative Contracts are the most efficient way for companies to invest in talents and to train them in their own corporate culture.

A plus for your company

Recruiting an EM Normandie Student on a Cooperative Contract means:

  • Training a future staff member according to your corporate culture and methodology 
  • Benefitting from his/her academic knowledge 
  • Evaluating his/her adaptability and longer term evolution capabilities
  • Benefitting from taxation incentive schemes on condition 

Principles and key steps

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
Definition of the company needs Posting the offer on our dedicated networks Applications collected by the company or the school Drawing up a shortlist and interviews Issuing the cooperative contract Monitoring throughout the contract

Available Cooperative Programmes

Cooperative programmes are a perfect way to transition between the school and the world of work, offering effective preparations for your future career. Depending on the course that you study and the time taken, the form and content of the work/study arrangement and the career specialisation that you pursue will vary.

Specialist masters’ and postgraduate degrees:

The school supports you throughout the scheme

During the cooperative scheme recruitment process for your future staff member, a dedicated contact person will:

  • Give you advice on how to draft your Cooperative Contract 
  • Advise you on recruiting our students (Cooperative Contracts for 1 or 2 years) 
  • Cost the Cooperative Contract for you  
  • Inform you about tax waivers and financial aids, in order to optimise your training plan, and on how to pay the apprenticeship tax
  • Help you with administrative formalities 
  • Support the in-company tutor during the Cooperative Contract period  
Companies & career brochure (french version)