Recrutez un alternant

Recruiting an intern

Benefitting from the extra-support from an EM Normandie student for new project development or to strengthen your teams for a specific assignment.

A plus for your company

Hosting an EM Normandie student intern, means: 

  • Bringing a fresh outlook to your projects 
  • Identifying potential managers or future staff members 

Students may work on internships while being enrolled in all and any of the programmes offered by the School. The duration of the internship may vary between 1 to 6 months.  

For more information, check the internship schedules.

Main key steps

  • Step 1 : Definition of the company needs
  • Step 2 : Posting the offer on our dedicated networks
  • Step 3 : The company or the school collects applications
  • Step 4 : Drawing up a shortlist and conducting interviews
  • Step 5 : Issuing the internship agreement
  • Step 6 : Monitoring throughout the internship 
Companies & career brochure (french version)