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Master in Management - Master's degree  icone drapeau anglais  icone drapeau français

With its 100% flexible programme, innovative teaching methods and numerous specialisations, the Master in Management is a programme of excellence. It is regularly ranked in the Top 3 Post Baccalaureate programmes in 5 years in France.

Build a career path that suits you: change campuses each year, multiply the number of work placements, go abroad, get involved in community life and build your own career plan.

With the work-study programme available during Years 4 and 5, connect with the professional world and land your dream job before the end of your studies.

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MSc International Marketing and Business Development icone drapeau anglais

Become a marketing manager or business developer capable of seizing business opportunities on national and international markets and conducting marketing operations that create value for your company.

Join a multicultural class and meet speakers from around the world. Work on real business challenges and experience the reality of international marketing and business development by working with exporting companies.

Débouchés MSc International Marketing and Business Development

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MS Territorial Development Str@tegy icone drapeau français 

Become an expert in territorial development at the service of companies and territorial actors. Take charge of local and regional projects within the framework of territorial development schemes. Master the tools and codes of territorial development policies and build, adapt and manage a territorial project.

Put your knowledge into practice during three residential seminars in Brussels, Oxford and Southampton, surveys and survey processing, a territorial intelligence seminar and a six-month internship either in a territorial authority or in a private or public company working with territorial authorities.

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MSc Financial Data Management icone drapeau anglais

Become an expert in the fields of finance, database management, predictive tools and management of multidisciplinary teams. Master the main methods of management control, adopt the right reflexes in the construction of data architecture and define performance indicators to be integrated into a management tool.

Participate in the "Preparing for the digital transformation of a company" and "Using data management tools" assignments as well as in a Bootcamp (tutored project). Benefit from an academic research partnership with a company. Write a professional thesis and complete a four-to-six-month internship.

Débouchés MSc Financial Data Management

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MS MESB - Equine Industry Sciences and Management icone drapeau anglais icone drapeau français

Do you dream of becoming a manager in the equine industry, making a living from your passion for horses and participating in the development of the industry in an international context? Join the only certified diploma in France in the equine field and benefit from the expertise of professionals in the equine world.

Delivered in the USA, Paris, Caen and Dijon, this world-renowned programme prepares future Brokers, Association Directors, Management Officers and Communication Officers.

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