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Passerelle Admissions Test Bank

Candidates may use one of several admissions processes to join our Business School. Among them is the Concours SESAME, which is common to 13 institutions, including EM Normandie.

CONCOURS PASS-WORLD / Pass-World admissions test

International students can join our business school through the Concours Pass-World, common to three management schools.

Concours Pass-World is common to 3 Grande Ecole business schools in France: EM Normandie, EM Strasbourg and the Burgundy School of Business.

It caters for candidates who hold a non-French secondary education exit diploma for admission to year 1 of the Bachelor’s programme or a non-French 2-year diploma (or 120 ECTS Credits) for admission to all options of the 3rd and final year of the Bachelor’s degree.

For further information, visit the Pass World website

Registration procedures for the current year

  1. Registration via the  Pass-World application 
  2. Throughout the year, Pass-World organises test sessions around the world. The dates for these Spot Admissions Sessions are regularly updated here. Students may choose the date that suits them in their own countries after completing their on-line registration. 

  • Number of places offered for Concours Pass-World 2018: 70

Key dates for 2018

  • On-line registration and submission of application files: from 1 November to 31 May via the Pass-World application 
  • Test sessions in June in various countries through a Spot Admission System. Dates are regularly updated  here. Students may choose the date of their choice in their own countries.  

Concours Passerelle 1 (for holders of 2-year diplomas) or Passerelle 2 (for holders of 3- or 4-year undergraduate degrees)

The Passerelle test bank is common to 13 international level business schools and caters for holders of either a 2-year diploma (Concours Passerelle 1) or a 3- to 4-year undergraduate degree (Concours Passerelle 2). 

Admission through this test bank will give access to the Grande Ecole programme in either year 3 (U3) or year 4 (M1). The final degree is accredited as a 5-year Master’s degree (Bac+5) by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and awards the ‘Grade de Master’. This programme is also accredited by international agencies such as EQUIS, AACSB and EPAS. 

This test bank offers the possibility to apply for several institutions, as a candidate is allowed to make several different applications. This gives candidates a wider choice and, on the basis of their results on the tests, the possibility to opt for the business school that meets their expectations and ambitions. 

To help you prepare for the tests, the Passerelle website gives past test papers as well as a Learning Box, which includes advice videos, methodology briefs, etc.  

Every year, EM Normandie organises free training days on the Le Havre campus, in preparation for the oral tests for both Concours Passerelle 1 and 2.

Registration procedure for the current year 

The admission procedure comprises several steps: 

  1. On-line registration at
  2. Written tests (according to the target level Passerelle 1 or 2)
  3. Written tests results 
  4. Appointments made with each of the schools that have accepted the candidate
  5. Final admission results
  6. After taking the written and oral tests, you may be offered admission by one or several business schools. You will then have a deadline to make your final choice. 
  • Test bank: Concours Passerelle 1 or Passerelle 2 
  • Number of places offered in 2018: 175 (Passerelle 1); 155 (Passerelle 2)
  • Ask for the Passerelle brochure

Registration fees for Concours Passerelle 2018

  • €320 for all PASSERELLE schools with TAGE 2 or TAGE MAGE tests (€65 for state grant holders) 
  • €255 for all PASSERELLE schools without TAGE 2 or TAGE MAGE tests (free for state grant holders) 
  • Oral tests: €50 per school for oral tests, 50% discount for state grant holders 

Key dates for 2019

Registration: from November 2018 to March 2019
Written tests: April 2019
Written tests results: May 2019
Appointments made for oral tests: May 2019
Oral tests: from May to June 2019
Final admissions posted on July 2019

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