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Pass Managing a Profit Centre

"Pass Managing a Profit Centre" is a certifying training programme that trains managers who are able to manage their own entities while being fully engaged in the general policy of their companies.
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The objectives of this training programme are varied and aim to train managers who are able to:

  • Improve the HRM performance of their units
  • Set up and use those management tools relevant to the management of a unit 
  • Master how to draw up a business plan 
  • Define and implement strategic axes for their units
  • Know how to innovate in the solutions they recommend
  • Manage a unit by taking into account strategy, finance and HRM


  • Innovative pedagogy, learner friendly and pragmatic (role plays and simulations, case studies, business games and examples, etc.)
  • A schedule that is compatible with a full-time professional activity (9 days on campus and 1 e-learning module over 4 months)
  • Credit earning modules under the framework of the EM Normandie Business School Programme
  • Close support: interview beforehand, dedicated team to monitor trainees 
  • Eligible for funding as a professionalisation session 
  • Validated as a Competency Module for the Business School Programme  - EM Normandie Master's Degree


Days 1 and 2: Operational Management

  • Understanding how the manager can influence the performance expected from his unit
  • Having a clear vision of what the manager’s responsibilities are within his/her team

Day 3: Strategic Management

  • Understanding the strategic stakes in the environment of business organisations
  • Analysing, defining and implementing a strategic positioning for your products and/or services

Day 4: Flow Management

E-learning module

  • Applying a problem-solving methodology 
  • Understanding basic supply chain and stock management techniques 
  • Understanding the stakes of collaborating with suppliers

Day 5: Managing Innovation

  • Knowing the generic strategies regarding innovation
  • Evaluating the various organisational schemes conducive to innovation and their dedicated tools 
  • Knowing the various methods to protect innovation

Day 6: Managing a Project

  • Analysing risk factors in a project  
  • Acquiring a methodology for leading a project

Days 7 and 8: Measuring the Performance of your Activity

  • Being able to identify the various types of costs in a business organisation
  • Knowing how to use the relevant costing method
  • Mastering and drawing up a business plan

Days 9 and 10: Project Steering and Management

Business Game:

  • Understanding the overall operation of a business organisation and the interaction between the various functions 
  • Acquiring diagnosis and consulting tools 
  • Becoming aware of the link between strategy and organisations 
  • Mastering the basics of Accounting, Marketing and Sales


This programme is designed for any manager or future manager who wishes to take on a profit centre.


10 days over 4 months (70 hrs) from March to June

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Tuition Fees & Funding

  • Tuition Fees: € 2,990

Many funding options are available. They will vary according to the profile and situation of the applicant: wage earner, unemployed, self-employed. Important note: training programme expenses may be deducted from your Taxable Revenues. Find out more about funding options.

Use your CPF (Personal Training Account) wisely by validating in 10 days over 4 months a core of skills from EM Normandie's Grande Ecole Program - Grade of Master.

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