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Pass Manager

"Pass Manager" is a Manager Certification Training Programme that allows you to acquire the competencies required for any manager to succeed in the long term.
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With the Pass Manager Programme, acquire in 10 days various competencies to apply directly in your own management activity.


  • Identifying your management style, understanding and knowing how to valorise various personality types
  • Optimising your managerial practices (managing, motivating and evaluating your team members)
  • Managing the complexity of communication (knowing how to conduct an individual interview, how to prepare and chair a meeting)
  • Applying methods and behaviours to optimise your time
  • Understanding basic management tools


  • Compatible with a professional occupation
  • Experienced faculty
  • Innovative pedagogy (role plays and simulations, co-development, business game...)
  • Individual Diagnosis
  • Small size group
  • Validates a module of Competencies in the  business school Programme  – EM Normandie Master's Grade

DAY 1: Knowing oneself and others

  • Identifying your own preferred modes of intellectual operation
  • Acquiring a better view of your differences from others
  • Developing new ways to optimise relationships
  • Integrating generational features within your management

DAY 2: Leading a meeting efficiently

  • Identifying the various types of meetings and clarifying the features of each type  
  • Preparing and structuring your meeting 
  • Internalising the various facilitation techniques 
  • Boosting the impact of your communication and managing difficult situations

DAY 3: Managing your time and priorities

  • Identifying behaviours  
  • Activating the right behaviours 
  • Drawing up an inventory of yourself 
  • Tools

DAY 4: The basics of Labour Law

  • Understanding the contents of an employment contract and its consequences for managing team members 
  • Managing team members’ working time: legal limits, possible arrangements 
  • Managing absences: illness, maternity, Bank holidays, paid holidays
  • Managing the departure of an employee: resignation, dismissal or termination by mutual consent, rupture 
  • Debates in the current news

DAY 5: Speaking in public

Role plays with a journalist:

  • Structuring your message
  • Raising the level of your verbal and body expression capabilities 
  • Managing your stage fright

DAY 6: Taking up the challenges of management in a period of change

  • Understanding the dynamics of change in organisations and diagnosis tools

DAY 7: Day-to-day management of a team

Collective coaching sessions, co-development workshops facilitated by a qualified coach.

This new pedagogical approach allows every participant, starting from concrete cases, to:

  • Learn how to help and be helped 
  • Take the time to think things over and stand back to review their professional practice 
  • Implement sharing and collective intelligence 
  • Take part in a free expression space where trust, respect, sympathy, confidentiality and solidarity prevail 
  • Learn from the group through the cases encountered by each member

DAY 7: Conducting mandatory interviews

  • Being aware of the stakes of evaluation and individual interviews 
  • Using tools, evaluation forms and analysis grids to make the interview easier 
  • Knowing the various stages and identifying the traps to avoid  
  • Knowing how to set objectives and training to conduct simulation/role play interviews in pairs

DAY 8: Managing according to the situation

  • Defining the level of maturity reached by a group/a project 
  • Identifying the various types of management according to the situation/project 
  • Understanding how to put in place a management style relevant to the situations and needs 
  • Anticipating possible support/resistance from the various stakeholders and reacting in a constructive way

DAY 9: Managing difficult or conflict situations

  • Creating favourable conditions for dealing with tricky situations 
  • Adapting one’s behaviour to the most common managerial situations

DAY 10: Developing managerial competencies thanks to horse training

  • To take advantage of a pedagogical detour around training a horse on foot and experiment the core principles of leadership, communication and motivation (set objectives, motivate, evaluate, reward)

Admission Requirements

This Programme is designed for any manager or future manager who wishes to acquire the basics of Proximity Management.

CPF Code : 240149


  • 10 days over 4 months (70 hrs + 5hr-preparation)
Executive education resgistration form (french version)

Tuition Fees & Funding Options

  • Programme Tuition Fees: €3,100 
  • Special Rate for AGEFOS Members (Historical partner of the Pass Manager Programme): € 2,990 
  • Option to be funded as a professionalisation period

Many funding options are available. They will vary according to the profile and situation of the applicant: wage earner, unemployed, self-employed. Important note: training programme expenses may be deducted from your Taxable Revenues. Find out more about funding options.

Use your CPF (Personal Training Account) wisely by validating in 10 days over 4 months a core of skills from EM Normandie's Grande Ecole Program - Grade of Master.

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Testimony - Developing your Managerial Competencies through Horse Coaching