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Partnership research

Partnership research contributes to maintaining close relationships with companies in the territory and the Poles of Competitiveness, and is based on multidisciplinary work.

Partnership Research takes the form of research contracts signed with partner companies, expertise consulting, the setting up of endowed chairs or even taking part in international cooperation programmes with a robust academic reputation.

EM Normandie

The "Skills, Employability and HR Decision Making" Chair

Headed by Jean Pralong, Professor of Human Resources Management at EM Normandy, this research centre provides a scientific and objective view of contemporary transformations in the world of employment.

Digitalisation et Innovation dans les Organisations et les Territoires

The “Digitalisation and Innovation in Organisations and Regions” Chair

The use of new technology has become far more widespread, across all sectors of the economy (services, industry, etc.). Organisational structures, sectors and the relationships maintained between stakeholders have been profoundly altered as a result.

The "Entrepreneurial Models in Agriculture" Chair

The agricultural world has been undergoing profound changes for several years, impacting farmers' entrepreneurial behaviour. Multiple entrepreneurial models are emerging, bringing the farm closer to the business.

EM Normandie

Research Chairs

Lecturing and Research Chairs allow for the strengthening of synergies and contribute to the exchange of knowledge between the professional world and academic research.

EM Normandie

Research contracts and specialist assignments

EM Normandie Business School’s research contracts and specialist assignments enable companies and public authorities to tap into the specialist skills of its lecturers and researchers on specific topics, with quick access to usable results.