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Our School’s Strategy

The EM Normandie Business School launches its 2018-2021 strategic plan to transform the student experience and build tommorrow's management.

The 2017-2021 Strategic Plan for EM Normandie has been structured along 4 main guidelines which aim at consolidating assets and succeeding in the essential transformations required to continue in its growth dynamics and to train learners for the evolutions of this complex world. 

  1. To generate pedagogical innovation and new learning modes by putting the student at the heart of our thinking, in tune with the business world and society.
  2. To strengthen and develop productive and long-lasting links with actors in the School’s strategic territories along the Paris-River Seine-Normandie-Britain axis.
  3. To assert itself as an international School which goes beyond frontiers by means of structuring partnerships and alliances to develop its attractiveness and reputation across the world.
  4. To stand out as a visionary School, digitalised, responsible and engaged by turning the digital revolution into a human challenge rather than a technological challenge. 

2017-2021 Strategic Plan Achievements


The Paris Campus now hosts about 1,200 students, recording a strong growth in the Cooperative Tracks and Grande Ecole Programme M2 to meet the needs of businesses, in particular in the sector of new technologies. This rise in student numbers has gone along with a strengthening of both Faculty and administration teams.  

The Oxford Campus now welcomes Grande Ecole Programme students from their Year 1 to Year 5.  To prevent the consequences of any ‘Hard Brexit’, the School has incorporated a company under British Law to host its English-based activities and thus get the required accreditations. This Campus should host about 300 students as from September 2020. 

The new Le Havre Campus, located at Quai Frissard, at the heart of the Le Havre Normandie Campus, is about to be completed. It is due to be operational in September 2020. This new High-tech tool will be the privileged site for pedagogical experiments comprising digital technologies.  


La SmartEcole® is now deployed across all campuses, including abroad. It is based on multimodal learning concepts and aims at changing traditional educational models by immersing learners in a variety of collaborative and individual training situations, using digital technologies. This scheme is supported by new tools for all students and Faculty members.  

Cooperative Programmes, a differentiating factor and a true springboard towards professional insertion, has been strongly developed in all French Campuses with apprenticeship and professionalisation contract opportunities. In September 2019, the School signed over 900 such contracts.  Pace and modalities have been adapted to better match the needs of companies with the 2-year Cooperative Programme (M1/M2) based on a pattern of 3 weeks in-company/ 1 academic week and the 1-year programme (M2) in the Grande Ecole Programme. A cooperative track is also available in some MS programmes as well as in Year 3 of the Bachelor Management International in Le Havre and Paris, as from September 2020.  2020.


  • The excellence of EM Normandie has been recognised through the renewal in 2019 of the AACSB and EQUIS international accreditations
  • The portfolio of international partnerships has been qualified and developed to include universities whose quality is certified by external agencies (AACSB, EFMD).
  • The double-degree policy was extended with international universities for the Bachelor Management International and the Grande Ecole Programme. 
  • A portfolio of new programmes to match the expectations of foreign students who wish to study in France, has been developed (Welcome to France Plan),
  • The foreign student recruitment policy has been strengthened with the recruitment of a dedicated team and the opening of bureaus in Shanghai and Dakar. 
  • The School’s operations have increased in Vietnam, the Middle East and the PRC in particular. 

Faculty and Research

The Faculty Member Recruitment Policy has continued at a pace of 15 lecturers per year until 2023. The Faculty will thus comprise over 130 highly-qualified Full-time Faculty members (PhDs, Professors Accredited to Supervise Management Research) with a strong international connotation.

A rise in Research Production and a consolidation of the 4 axes of the Métis Research Lab: Performances and Entrepreneurial Changes, Working and Living in Fluid Organisations, Land-Sea-Risk Logistics, International Business Networks. The research activities around these axes are in full swing thanks to the recruitment of new Lecturers-Researchers and the definition of ambitious research objectives. 
In parallel, the InsIDE and IPER institutes have been extended to foster partnering research and to bring answers to the economic actors in the territory, and on a more general level, to put the School’s expertise at the service of practitioners, by developing applied research funded by external sources. 

Executive Education 

The latest Professional Training Reform has opened up a wider scope for professional training by EM Normandie. EM Normandie has thus extended its portfolio of qualifying training programmes, in particular through Blended Learning for which it has acquired a definite knowhow.  


EM Normandie is among the leading Grandes Ecoles with its Master in Management recruiting after a secondary education exit diploma. It is also ranked among the Top 20 Post-Classes Préparatoires Schools and in the Top 100 Best Masters in Management by QS and The Financial Times. Likewise, the Bachelor Management International is in the Top 10 in all national rankings of reference.

Isabelle DALLE
Director of Le Havre Campus & Director of Media Relations
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