Observatoire des métiers de demain

Observatory of occupations and pedagogy

The Observatory of Occupations and Pedagogy is the EM Normandie think-tank and facilitation unit which decodes new trends in the world of business organisations and the occupations related to the managerial function

The Observatory is a Core Scheme within the School, which relays insights to the Dean of Programmes and the Dean of Faculty to help them determine how the programmes should evolve. It liaises with several of the School’s stakeholders, the Faculty, the Career Path Scheme, and the Alumni network.


The Observatory operates along three axes: 

  • To circulate research and surveys, based in particular on the work by the Survey Service at the School’s Marketing and Corporate Relations Department.
  • To exchange ideas on pedagogical experiments led by a community of practitioners composed of the School’s management and the members of the Research and Development Team and APM (Association for Management Progress).  The mission of this community is to exchange ideas, share thoughts, and innovate in synergy with the experiments that each member leads in terms of pedagogical innovations.     
  • To organise events for students, lecturers/researchers and all the stakeholders in the School who are interested in or affected by the Observatory’s work. 


Several events were organised in 2018-2019 including:

  • 4 keynote lectures focusing on Artificial Intelligence  
  • Feedback session on a pedagogical experiment conducted by Vincent Meyer in his HRM M2 programme on the Paris Campus.  
  • Active participation in the Annual Survey of the School’s Alumni 
Catherine Perez
Academic advisor
+33 (0)2 31 46 78 78