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MS MESB - Equine Industry Sciences and Management

Are you contemplating a career in Equine Industry management? Join the MS MESB, the only Master's level Equine Industry programme! Academic input taught in France and the USA. A 15-month programme operated in partnership with AgroSup Dijon (Burgundy).
RNCP Level 1
Dijon, Caen, Paris, Kentucky (USA)


This 'Mastère Spécialisé' is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

Mastère Spécialisé

The outcome of joint action by researchers, equine nutrition experts, recognised professionals and the Hippolia Pole of Competitiveness, the Mastère Specialisé MESB - Equine Industry Sciences & Management trains tomorrow's Equine Industry Managers.

Since it opened in 2007, its specific educational model has reflected its strong values: ambition to contribute to the development of the equine industry, passion for horses and international orientation.

'Thanks to rich contents and a network of quality partners and lecturers, this MS MESB offers a unique opportunity for professional openings both in France and abroad.  As the only RNCP Level 1 accredited degree in France directed at the Equine Industry, this degree has allowed to train managers who are experts in the Equine world and its graduates enjoy a high degree of recognition from the part of professionals.' Dr. Xavier Phlippe - Programme Academic Director - EM Normandie

MS MESB - Sciences et management de la filière équine

 A 15-month programme

  • From September to December: 8 to 12-week Professional Internship in France
  • From January to May: Academic Courses in Dijon, Caen, Paris and Lexington (Kentucky - USA)
  • From June to December: Professional Consulting Project and Thesis

Taught in three locations and two countries

  • AgroSup Dijon: the National Institute of Agronomy, Food and Environment Sciences is one of the 6 Higher Institutions in France specialised in this field. More info on AgroSup Dijon.
  • EM Normandie: Caen and Paris Campuses: a Management Grande Ecole accredited by AACSB and EQUIS, which trains professionals who can take up the managerial and entrepreneurial challenges of tomorrow. More info on EM Normandie.
  • Kentucky University, Lexington, USA: the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment offers programmes and conducts research in Social Sciences and Agronomy. More information on Kentucky University.

A High Profile Sponsor

Each cohort is sponsored by a recognised professional from the industry who takes part in the selection of applicants, supports them throughout their training and helps their introduction into the professional world.

  • 2019: Jean De Chevigny, Director of  France Cheval Services.
  • 2018: Anne Catherine Loisier, Senator, Chairperson of the 'Horse Committee' in the Senate since 2015.
  • 2017: Aliette Forien, owner and manager of  Haras de Montaigu (Orne, France) , Vice-President of the  Syndicate of Thoroughbred Breeders, Member of the France Galop Committee.
  • 2016: Guillaume Maupas, Technical Manager of the Société d'Encouragement à l'Elevage du Cheval Français.
AgroSup Dijon
EM Normandie
University of Kentucky

During their 15-month training programme, students on the Mastère Specialisé MESB - Equine Industry Sciences & Management benefit from a programme that will allow them to discover the range of occupations and activity sectors offered by the Equine Industry. Professionalisation is the focal point of this programme thanks to immersion internships and professional consulting projects throughout the study path in the equine world.

The faculty has been built to offer a triple diversity:

  • Multidisciplinary: lecturers in Equine Sciences and Management  
  • Professional: lecturers-researchers and practitioners who are experts in their fields 
  • Location-wise:  Agrosup Dijon for their Equine Scientific Expertise, EM Normandie for its Managerial Expertise and Kentucky University for their international orientation and know-how in North American equine issues.

The programme is articulated in three phases:

Phase 1: Professional Immersion

September to December

  • 8 to 12 weeks
  • 4 different companies across France

Phase 2: Academic Input

January to May

  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Starting a Business
  • Management
  • Industry Context
  • Equine Sciences

Phase 3: Professional Consulting Project

June to December

  • 6-month Consulting In-company Project
  • Professional Thesis
  • Oral Defense before a Jury

Admission Procedures

Selection on Application File and Individual Motivation Interview
Deadline for Application: 19 June 2019.

Admission Pre-Requisites

The programme is open to students who hold (or are about to validate) one of the following degrees:

  • 5-year Degree (French or foreign) from an engineering or business school, French University degree or relevant professional degree at Master's level.
  • 4-year Degree or equivalent for applicants with at least three years of professional experience.

By special dispensation (as provided by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles), the Admission Board may consider applications which, while they do not meet the formal criteria above would nevertheless appear outstanding in view of the application file (Validation of Experiential Learning, Academic Excellence, Association or Society Involvement, International Experience, Internships, etc.).

Admission Steps

  1. Admission to oral interview on the basis of the application file by an admission committee that assesses academic records, professional experience, extra-professional experiences as well as the motivation which is to be consistent with the professional project and the programme selected
  2. If the application is accepted, final admission is offered after a bilingual interview (French-English) with a jury. The aim of this interview is to look into the relevance of the professional project and the training programme, to appreciate the consistency of the project in terms of professional openings together with the competencies and reasoning skills of the applicant.

Career Opportunities

MS MESB Graduates -  Equine Industry Sciences and Management  work in all sectors of the Equine Industry:

  • Races: 49%
  • Sports: 16%
  • Multi-Sector: 21%
  • Other Industries: 14%

Graduates take up executive positions within a few months after graduation. Most of them are hired by the professional immersion structure they were in as interns. Half the positions are on long-term contracts and the majority  have an international orientation.

Examples of occupations

  • Brokers, French Bloodstock Agency (FBA)
  • Director, Association Nationale du Selle Français (ANSF)
  • Funder and Director of Repona
  • International Project Executive, Conseil des Chevaux de Champagne Ardennes 
  • Head of partnerships, Société Hippique Française (SHF)
  • Head of International Unit, Cheval Français (SECF)
  • Assistant Trainer, Herringwell Stables Ltd, Pensylvania (USA) 
  • Head of Racing Clubs, ARQANA
  • Founder and Director of Horse Development
  • Communication Officer, ARQANA

"The MS MESB is a true springboard into the International Equine Industry. Thanks to its courses, its numerous instructors from the industry and its network, this degree helped me find employment quickly in the Equine Health Sector and access a managerial position.' Dauphine, Head of Exports, Class of 2013


Cost of the programme for 2019-2020: € 11,000. This includes assignment costs, and Kentucky trip air fare and housing on location.

Application Administration Fee:  €50

Association Alumni EM Normandie Registration Fee (non compulsory): € 575. This fee is a life membership fee which gives you access to all  the Association's services. Learn more about Alumni EM Normandie.


Various options are offered to students to help them fund their studies:

  • Cooperative track (year 3) : total or part waiver of fees for one year
  • Grants: Higher Education, Regional, Travel or Internship grants 
  • Bank loans: agreements between EM Normandie and banks
  • Paid student jobs offered by the School’s Junior Enterprise and Jobs Services

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What's a Mastère Spécialisé (MS) and a MSc ?

Formation professionnalisante d'au moins deux semestres essentiellement dispensée en français, le Mastère Spécialisé (MS) allie des séminaires de formation à des missions et concours en entreprise de plusieurs semaines chacun.

Les séminaires sont principalement animés par des professionnels reconnus dans leurs domaines de compétence. Les missions et concours en entreprise sont co-encadrées par des professionnels et des professeurs de l'EM Normandie.

Un stage de 4 à 6 mois conclut chaque MS et offre une transition souple et efficace vers le monde du travail. 

Le MSc se structure selon le même schéma (séminaires et expériences en entreprise) mais se différencie par une approche internationale et un enseignement intégral en anglais.

Can I take a Mastère Spécialisé (MS) as a cooperative programme?

Some of the programmes are indeed offered on a cooperative track basis: 

Also available as a cooperative programme and accessed on the basis of an application file and interview: 

Special conditions apply for international residents in France who wish to take up a cooperative track programme.

What level of proficiency in English is required for MScs?

Candidates for MSc programmes must show evidence of a level in English equivalent to:

  • TOEIC score of 790
  • TOEFL CBT score of 230/IBT of 83
  • IELTS between 6 and 6.5 (according to the MSc)
  • or equivalent
Are MS and MSc Programmes open to candidates with foreign higher education degrees? 

Yes, candidates may hold a Master’s Degree (for the MS) equivalent to a 5-year degree in France (Bac + 5) or a Bachelor’s Degree (for the MScs), equivalent to a Master 1 or a 4-year degree in France. Exemptions are possible for candidates can provide evidence of relevant professional experience. 

Please review the detailed eligibility conditions in the programme pages or in the brochures before applying and contact the school's teams if you have any concerns about your previous studies.