MS Entrepreneurship

Accredited by the Conference des Grandes Ecoles. Open to international candidates. Specialisation available as a Cooperative Track

The one-year MS Entrepreneurs will allow you to develop your capability to take risks and work in a team, which are indispensable qualities for a successful professional career as a future manager.
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This 'Mastère Spécialisé' is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

Mastère Spécialisé


The MS Entrepreneurship programme trains tomorrow’s CEOs and managers, to be able to take up a variety of operational responsibilities, to take over floundering or thriving business organisations, to start their own firms, but also to act as the right hand to senior managers or become strategic consultants

Learning Objectives

  • Developing your autonomy and capacity for adapting Developing new skills in management, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
  • Being able to diagnose and audit a business
  • Managing projects

Strong Points

  • Dual skills in management and entrepreneurship/innovation   
  • A real-life in-company experience via 2 consulting projects, 2 challenges and an internship as the ‘right arm’ of a CEO
  • An opportunity to join the InsIDE incubator (offering acculturation, support, hosting, funding), the School’s institute specialised in innovation and entrepreneurship dedicated to student entrepreneurs
  • A strong professional network thanks to numerous contacts with the world of business


Active learning is the basis of the MS Entrepreneurship programme. During the programme, you will attend lectures and seminars. The programme team values the contribution provided by the link between theoretical knowledge and real case studies, which enable you to develop the analytical skills and detached viewpoint whichare necessary qualities for future "expert generalists".


  • 1 intensive coding seminar, website design, e-commerce solutions in partnership with the Coding School
  • Sales negotiation and techniques
  • Personal development
  • Participating in entrepreneurship projects
  • English

Professional Experience

During the programme, 2 in-company consulting projects, in groups of 3 students, and 2 real in-company challenges, supervised by recognised professionals, are scheduled in keeping with the framework of the HEC Entrepreneurship pedagogical:

  • ‘Starting a Business’ consulting project (6 weeks)
  • ‘Business Development of Innovative Products and Services’ consulting project  (5 weeks)
  • ‘Taking over a Business’ challenge (3 weeks)
  • ‘Turning Around a Floundering Business’ (3 weeks)

1 internship or supervised personal start-up or take over project  ( InsIDE incubator) for 4 to 6 months (April to September)  
If you have a start-up or take-over project, you will be able to take advantage of offers from the InsIDE incubator (for a period of up to 15 months).
A professional thesis must also to be submitted.

Admission process

Candidates are selected on the basis of an application form, followed by an individual interview.

Please use the on-line application procedure

Eligibility for application

The programme is open to students holding the following degrees:

  • Master degree or equivalent ("Bac+ 5" or 5 years after secondary education) 
  • At the Jury’s discretion: 4-year undergraduate degree with 3 years of professional experience (internships excluded).
  • Exceptionally the admissions board may accept applications that do not meet the formal criteria listed above but appear exceptional on other aspects (academic excellence, community work, international experience, internships, etc.)

Admission procedure

  1. Application files submitted are reviewed with special attention paid to the seriousness of the file and the quality of the academic and/or professional profile.
  2. Shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview via Skype with a Head of Academic Programme. This interview helps clarify the applicants profile, their projects, their objectives. The final admission decision (offered or denied admission) is communicated a few days after this interview.
  3. Admitted candidates are notified formally and invited to make a down payment, later on deducted from the  tuition fees. This initial payment confirms the candidate's seat in the programme and an unconditional letter of admission is then issued.

In order for our students to benefit from optimal learning conditions, places in our programmes are limited. The number of remaining places is reviewed after each admission session. Whenever a cohort is full, admissions for the programme are closed :

The application start date for the 2020-2021 admission session is 15 December 2019.

In parallel with their EM Normandie application file, international candidates must also complete the Campus France application file in order to facilitate the visa obtention.

Once the fee down payment has been received, the School will help International students with their visa procedures and search for accommodation.

Career Prospects

After completing this programme, you will qualify for positions such as:

  • CEO
  • Business Developer
  • General Manager
  • Subsidiary Manager
  • Head of Profit Centre
  • Business Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Start-up/Take-over Consultant
  • Project Executive

Personalised Support

  • 2,000 internship offers including 500 abroad
  • 300 Cooperative Track offers among a network of 700 business organisations
  • Regular monitoring meetings with students/business organisations
  • Personalised coaching with the Career Path Scheme
  • An Alumni Network with 17,500 members

Tuition Fees for 2020 - 2021

  • MS Entrepreneurship : €14,500
  • €50 charged to candidates offered admission
  • As from September 2018, you will pay a €91 contribution to CEVC  (Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus) by connecting to
  • €575 membership fee for Association Alumni EM Normandie, which will give you access to all their services and a life membership (not compulsory).


Various options are offered to students to fund their studies: 

  • Grants: Higher Education, Regional, Travel or Internship Grants 
  • Bank Loan: EM Normandie has agreements with some Banks
  • Cooperative Track: total or part waiver of fees for 1 or 2 years possible 
  • Paid student jobs offered by the School’s Junior Enterprise and Jobs Services

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What's a Mastère Spécialisé (MS) and a MSc ?

Formation professionnalisante d'au moins deux semestres essentiellement dispensée en français, le Mastère Spécialisé (MS) allie des séminaires de formation à des missions et concours en entreprise de plusieurs semaines chacun.

Les séminaires sont principalement animés par des professionnels reconnus dans leurs domaines de compétence. Les missions et concours en entreprise sont co-encadrées par des professionnels et des professeurs de l'EM Normandie.

Un stage de 4 à 6 mois conclut chaque MS et offre une transition souple et efficace vers le monde du travail. 

Le MSc se structure selon le même schéma (séminaires et expériences en entreprise) mais se différencie par une approche internationale et un enseignement intégral en anglais.

Can I take a Mastère Spécialisé (MS) as a cooperative programme?

Some of the programmes are indeed offered on a cooperative track basis: 

Also available as a cooperative programme and accessed on the basis of an application file and interview: 

Special conditions apply for international residents in France who wish to take up a cooperative track programme.

Is it possible to apply to several programmes?

Yes, candidates must indicate this wish in their application files.  

If you apply for 2 programmes, your second choice will not be reviewed unless there has been a negative decision by the admission panel for your first choice. There is no specific calendar for second choices: candidates are contacted individually. 

What level of proficiency in English is required for MScs?

Candidates for MSc programmes must show evidence of a level in English equivalent to:

  • TOEIC score of 790
  • TOEFL CBT score of 230/IBT of 83
  • IELTS between 6 and 6.5 (according to the MSc)
  • or equivalent
I hold a degree from an instituion in an English-speaking country. Is the English test compulsory?

 The Admissions Service may allow exemption from English Language Tests for candidates who show a higher education degree whose courses were exclusively taught in English, subject to official supporting documents.  

I am a employee, is it possible for me to ask for a training leave to join your programmes? 

Yes, some candidates do achieve their Mastères Spécialisés using the "Congé Individuel de Formation" (CIF). In this case, you should ask the Fongecif to send you an application file and the school's services will fill out the section reserved for the training institution. 

Such financial aid files do require a lot of forethought (Funding Commissions must meet 3 months maximum before the programme is due to start).

Are MS and MSc Programmes open to candidates with foreign higher education degrees? 

Yes, candidates may hold a Master’s Degree (for the MS) equivalent to a 5-year degree in France (Bac + 5) or a Bachelor’s Degree (for the MScs), equivalent to a Master 1 or a 4-year degree in France. Exemptions are possible for candidates can provide evidence of relevant professional experience. 

Please review the detailed eligibility conditions in the programme pages or in the brochures before applying and contact the school's teams if you have any concerns about your previous studies. 

When should international students apply?

As places are limited, all candidates are encouraged to submit their profiles as early as possible. 
International candidates may send in their applications as from September 2018 and before 1st July 2019 at the latest.  

What specific administrative procedures apply to international candidates?

In addition to the EM Normandie application file, non-EU international candidates are required to contact Campus France to help them obtain their visas. 
Useful links:  France-visas and Campus France