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Métis research area: Logistics, Land, Sea, Risk


The purpose of the Logistics, Land, Sea, Risk research area is to structure and lead the research of the members of the Métis Laboratory in the fields of International Logistics and Territorial Development in the broadest sense.

These themes of primary importance for the wider territory of EM Normandie (England, Ireland, Normandy, Paris) give rise to a differentiating expertise that contributes to the international reputation of the School.

The area’s faculty members contribute to the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge aimed at providing lessons for cutting-edge pedagogy and developing managerial recommendations for decision-makers in the territory.

Research area members regularly publish in high-level international journals such as Operation Research, European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Economic Geography, Revue d’Economie Régionale et Urbaine, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Supply Chain Forum: an International Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, Organization & Environment.

The Logistics, Land, Sea, Risk research area is represented in various territorial bodies related to research such as SFLOG (Federative Structure in Logistics), the Norman Interest Networks (NIN), the STENOR research federation (Territorial Sciences in Normandy) or the NOV@LOG Competitiveness Pole. The members of the research area are also members of the following scientific societies: INFORMS, POMS, EURO, AIRL-SCM, ASRDLF, ERSA, RSAI, CNFG, IAME.

Research Themes

  • Maritime and Port Logistics / International Transportation / Trade Facilitation
  • Governance and Territorial Strategy / Economic and Territorial Intelligence
  • Circular Economy and Energy Transition / Sustainable Logistics / CSR
  • Logistics Risks / Territorial Risks

Financed Research Projects

  • DETECTE: Territorial Economic Development, Circular Economy and Energy Transition
  • PERFAD: Performance of Decentralised Supply Chains
  • FLUIDE: Innovative organisation for the development of river transport
  • SETTEEC: Entrepreneurial and Territorial System for Energy Transition and Circular Economy
  • MT2PM: Modelling of Land Mobility Trajectories of Maritime Passengers

Organisation of Conferences

  • GOL 2018: The 4th IEEE International Conference on Logistics Operations Management
  • ASRDLF 2018: 55th colloquium of the Association de Science Régionale de Langue Française
  • ROADEF 2019: 20th Annual Congress of the French Society for Operational Research and Decision Support.
  • RIRL 2020: 13th International Meeting of Research in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Members of the Research Area

Head of the research area: Olivier Faury

Members of the research area:

  • Adel Aloui
  • Mathilde Aubry
  • Sébastien Bourdin
  • Angélique Chassy
  • Brigitte Daudet
  • Olivier Faury
  • Mame Gningue
  • L'Hocine Houanti
  • Ludovic Jeanne
  • Isabelle Lacombe
  • Olivier Lasmoles
  • Benjamin Legros
  • Josip Maric
  • Fabien Martinez
  • David Moroz
  • Fabien Nadou
  • Ngoc-Sang Pham
  • Sabari Prasanna
  • Khaled Saadaoui
  • Volker Seiler
  • Nguyen Khoi Tran
  • Sabari Venkatesan
  • VG Venkatesh

Other research areas of the Métis Laboratory

Research activities are carried out within the framework of the Métis Laboratory, which is organised around three other areas: