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Métis Research Area: International Business Networks


Industry 4.0, Digitalisation, Globalisation influence deeply our every day’s life and our business. However, in the deepness of all these, there is a common phenomenon, there are the interrelated relationships, i.e. the networks.

Why are international networks important? What are the consequences on the business of the existence of international networks? These are two main research questions which federate the work and the sub-areas of the International Business Networks Research Area.

Research Areas

The most challenging research issues of the International Business Networks are:

  • Problems of market entry in the emerging countries and particularly in the BRIC countries;
  • International dimensions of value co-creation and its relation to performance;
  • Relations among the individual, organizational and inter-organizational levels of trust, humanistic approach and digitalization in business and social networks.

How can the International Business Networks Research Area contribute to the academic life of its member and of our School?


Contribution to research life of our school by organizing different intellectual events:

  • By providing outside discussants that have published in English in top journals on specific themes that will enrich our research
  • By organizing different forms of friendly review forum depending on the phase of the future article 
  • By organizing small international workshop on some of the sub-areas

Contribution to research life by publications on the fields of our 3 sub-areas:

  • Internationalization in global networks
  • Relations between the business and consumer networks
  • Multidisciplinary port marketing

Research Area Members

Research Area Director: Patricia Baudier

Research Area Members:

  • Marie Ashwin
  • Wided Batat
  • Patricia Baudier
  • Samy Belaid
  • Damien Chaney
  • Nebojsa Davcik
  • Elodie De Boissieu
  • Arnaud Delannoy
  • Tony De Vassoigne
  • Octavio Escobar
  • Florian Favreau
  • Nabil Ghantous
  • Paul Griffiths
  • Julian Hofmann
  • Yamen Koubaa
  • Olivier Kovarski
  • Olivier Lamotte
  • Tibor Mandjak
  • Josip Maric
  • David Moroz
  • Thanh Tam Huu Nguyen
  • Ngoc-Sang Pham
  • Aude Rychalski
  • Romain Sohier
  • Mohit Srivastava
  • VG Venkatesh
  • Jacques Verville
  • Yihan Wang
  • Mustafeed Zaman

Other research areas of the Métis Laboratory

Research activities are carried out within the framework of the Métis Laboratory, which is organised around three other areas: