Media Centres

The Caen and Le Havre media centres are at your service make it easier for you to search our extensive resources, including books, academic and professional journals, student works, faculty publications and various specialised databases .

 Our Media Centres Have a Mission to:

  • Welcome students and faculty members, as well as any other people who are authorised to access the service 
  • Monitor documentation and identify the needs of our users and partners 
  • Acquire, publicise, administer and communicate documents  
  • Produce documentary resources and circulate them  
  • Provide answers to users’ requests relating to documentation 
  • Support and train users during their document searches
  • Participate in the school’s scientific and technical activities 
  • Cooperate with other libraries through national or regional networks 

Services Offered

  • Free access to print collections
  • On-the spot and take-home loan
  • Shuttle loan system between campuses 
  • Inter-library loan (PEB)
  • Secured access to databases via Schoolbox
  • Documentary workshops
  • Meeting rooms for groupwork
  • A dedicated team to answer all your questions 

Key figures

printed works and 145 periodicals
digital platforms for single-topic works
media databases
bibliography reference databases and 5 sector-specific documentation databases
academic journal databases
Caen Media Centre
9, rue Claude Bloch
+33 (0)2 31 46 78 93
Le Havre Media Centre
20 quai Frissard
Le Havre
+33 (0)2 35 24 57 95