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This Master’s degree is based on 3 pedagogical pillars: professionalisation, international openness and personal development: a programme of excellence and a vector for professional success!
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A Master in Management degree is the flagship training delivered by the 38 French Graduate Business Schools, members of the Chapter of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE). These schools are, in France and internationally, the reference in their fields of training, most of them having demanding international accreditations (EPAS, AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA) which guarantee their excellence in all fields: training, pedagogical innovations, international openness, quality of research and teaching staff, dynamics of associative life, strong links with companies, support and level of integration of graduates, power of Alumni networks, etc. Discover the essential elements you need to know before choosing the Master in Management best suited to your ambitions.

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What is a Master in Management programme

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What is a Master in Management programme

What is the difference between a MIM and a MBA degree

Why join a Master in Management programme 

How to choose a Master in Management training

The EM Normandie Master in Management programme

The EM Normandie learning experience

Opportunities after a Master in Management degree

What is a Master in Management programme ?

The Master in Management degree addresses all the components of management and business administration. This Master's degree is delivered by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI).

What is a MIM

For international students, admission is carried out after a 3-year undergraduate degree outside France (Licence degree, Bachelor’s degree, Benke...). Year-4 admission to the programme is based on the student's academic record.

In two years, specialise in business and management in the areas that are close to your heart and refine your professional project to enter the working world in the best possible conditions.

Work-study programmes are open to international students under specific conditions during these two years : gain work-experience, accelerate your professionalisation and quickly achieve your career goals.

For French students, admission is via an entrance examination directly after High School or after a 2, 3 or 4-Year undergraduate degree. 

What is the difference between a MIM and a MBA degree ?

MIM stands for « Master in Management » also called « Master of Management ». With their growing popularity in recent years, MIM degrees are becoming complementary to the long-established Masters of Business Administration (MBAs).

The main difference between a MBA degree and a MIM is that an MBA degree usually targets people who are already in the business environment and have several years of experience whereas Masters in Management target mostly recent graduates who have little or no professional experience seeking to acquire management and leadership skills. 

Why join a Master in Management programme ?

Joining a Master in Management business degree offers many advantages.

Why join a Master in Management programme

Obtain a complete view of how companies operate

Thanks to courses covering all facets of business (audit, financial management, marketing management, project management, entrepreneurship, supply-chain-management, information-systems, technology management, human resources management, accountancy, data analytics, etc.), discover the areas you are passionate about while acquiring skills in general management that will allow you to work in many business sectors and functions.

Become an expert in a specific field

In two years, choose to specialise in dedicated themes such as marketing, finance, event communication or information systems and digital technology and thus become an expert sought after by companies for your knowledge and skills.

Choose your electives, build the attractiveness of your professional profile and stand out on the job market.

Multiply expatriation opportunities

By taking advantage of expatriation opportunities or by studying in one of the campuses established in Europe, develop an international outlook, improve your language skills and open the door to a bold career in a company working internationally.

Gain work-experience

Through internships and assignments in companies or via work-study programmes (available to international students under specific conditions), gain experience during your studies.

Admissions Master in Management

How to choose a Master in Management training?

Faced with the multitude of options and courses available, choosing the Master in Management education best suited to your profile can sometimes be complex. Here are a few tips to help you find your way around.

Choose a Master in Management Training

Have a wide choice of opportunities to find your way

After high school or after a preparatory class, it is difficult to have an established professional project. Rather than committing to a rigidly organised step-by-step curriculum, it is advisable to choose a programme that allows you to easily change your course and refine your choices year after year.

Find specialisations in line with your aspirations

There are more than 400 different specialisations during the last two years of Business Schools’ Master in Management programmes. Faced with this vast choice, it is essential to identify the school that has either a wide range of specialisations or proven expertise in a specific field.

Choose a recognised school to give value to your degree

Universities, Institute of Business Administration (IAE), Business Schools, Graduate School of Business... the number of institutions offering management training is high and it is sometimes difficult to identify the differences between these institutions.

Faced with so many choices, relying on a school's reputation and proven guarantees of quality can help you find your way around. On these points, international accreditations such as AACSB, EQUIS or AMBA, visas and the Master's degree, as well as national and international rankings are unavoidable elements to be taken into account when making your choice.


Evaluate the quality of companies and Alumni networks

On the labour market, being referenced is often a non-negligible asset to start a career. In this field, the Alumni networks and the partnerships that a school maintains with companies are strong points to be taken into account when choosing a Master in Management Programme.

The EM Normandie Master in Management programme

This Master's degree is a training programme of excellence, regularly ranked in the Top 3 Post Baccalaureate programmes in 5 years in France. It offers innovative and interactive pedagogical approaches, an international and multicultural environment as well as strong proximity to the business world.

Master in Management

Master in Management - Admission after a 3-Year undergraduate degree - non french

Accès via online application based on student qualifications

Language teaching frenchLanguage teaching english

Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Dublin, Oxford

Graduation 5-year Master's Degree

Rythm: Work-study or Full-time


More information

Accreditations, labels and rankings: a guarantee of quality

National and international accreditations, labels and rankings are guarantees of quality for a Graduate School of Management and its programmes. EM Normandie wins all the votes thanks to its demonstrated excellence in key areas: strategy, pedagogy, faculty, research, international openness, business relations and integration of graduates.


EM Normandie has held the American AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation since 2014 and the EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) accreditation since 2016. It is part of the 1% of business schools doubly accredited in the world. In 2019, these two accreditations were renewed, rewarding the quality and relevance of the School’s actions in all fields.

Learn more about accreditations


The EM Normandie Master in Management is entitled to deliver a Master's degree in business administration. The visa and the Master's degree are a recognition of the quality of EM Normandie's training, its pedagogy and its teaching staff and guarantee that students have the necessary skills to integrate successfully into the job market.


The EM Normandie Master in Management regularly appears in the top rankings published each year by the national and international media. Built around criteria specific to each editorial office, these rankings evaluate in particular the quality of teaching, the international outlook, the quality of research and teaching staff, accreditations and labels, as well as the professional integration of graduates and relations with the business world.

Classements Programme Grande Ecole

Learn more about rankings

The EM Normandie learning experience

The EM Normandie Experience is a global vision focused on a single objective: to give you the means to be an actor in your personal and professional development. Through the Career Path, a reflective support system, you will learn to become aware of your talents, of the values that motivate you and of your skills development at each stage of your career: associative, professional, international and academic, in order to embark on a bold career as a responsible manager committed to society.

Develop your skills with the EM Normandie Master in Management

Choosing this programme means opting for a different vision of knowledge and leaving the traditional pattern of skills acquisition to see further. By mobilising both fundamental knowledge (marketing, finance, law...) essential to all management students and electives (psychology, business ethics, history...) to specialise in distinctive subjects, build a career path that suits you and develop your attractiveness.

Because behavioural skills is as important as technical know-how, the School pays particular attention to the acquisition of soft skills (critical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity...) actively sought after by recruiters. The objective? To train future ethical managers, capable of mobilising diverse skills, taking initiatives, having ideas and expressing them effectively while adopting the necessary distance to work in a team while respecting each person's role.

Chloé Legay

I learned about EM Normandie when two former students from my high school came to present their business school at a forum.
They told me about the quality of the teaching, the international dimension of the school but also its family atmosphere.
Thanks to all these elements, I am now a student at EM Normandie. A choice I don't regret!

Chloé Legay
Student of EM Normandie Master in Management

Explore the world and multiply your range of possibilities

One of the main strengths of EM Normandie is to offer students who wish to do so the possibility to spend 100% of their course internationally while remaining at the heart of the EM Normandie experience.

Thanks to its campuses in Caen, Le Havre, Paris (in France), in Oxford (England) and  Dublin (Ireland), the school offers its students human-sized classes, a rich associative and social life and an environment focused on knowledge and multicultural richness.

Discover the School’s campuses

100% English courses to open up to an international career

In addition to academic expatriation stays offered at different stages of the programme, follow courses 100% in English on the Caen, Le Havre and Paris campuses, or of course in English-speaking cities like Dublin and Oxford.

An extensive network of partner universities

Aware that the ambition of its students knows no boundaries, the school has woven a vast network of more than 200 partner universities around the world recognised for their excellence.

What for? To multiply experiences and encourage exploration. Improve your level of Spanish by going to South America, discover other ways of thinking, immerse yourself in another culture in Asia while earning a dual degree... Living an international adventure is a founding choice in life and an opportunity to be seized.

Discover your future destination

Discover your future destination

Tailor-made academic courses

In order to put each student in charge of his or her professional future, EM Normandie offers 4 academic courses over two years starting from M1: Work-study Track, Expertise Track, Global Track or Strategy and Consulting Track, there is something for everyone!

Specialisations in line with your aspirations

Because each profile is unique, the final year of the MIM Programme allows you to develop expertise in specific fields. International, digital and resolutely focused on innovation, these 19 M2 specialisations, 10 of which are taught in English, allow you to stand out in the job market and make your dream job a reality.

Discover the M2 specialisations

Professionalisation at every stage of your journey

Choosing and living complementary professional experiences is the best way to facilitate your integration into the working world. By combining periods of internships, study cases and company missions at each stage of the Master in Management Programme, get ready to take on the challenges of a company.

Company cases

Working on the development of a music festival, proposing a marketing strategy for the launch of an agri-food product, launching communication around a sporting event are all examples of real business cases that you will have the opportunity to work on.


At the end of each year of this programme, develop your work experience with periods of internships, discover different sectors of activity and functions and draw the outlines of your future professional orientation. 

The Career Path 

Thanks to personalised services and job search assistance, become aware of your talents, of the values that drive you and of the skills developed at each stage of your career.

Discover the Career Path

The opportunities of the Master in Management Programme

Develop skill in many fields as well as specialise in specific areas, multiply the range of possibilities in terms of integration and boost your employability.

The professions that recruit

Move on to managerial positions of responsibility such as executive or business creator, financial director, project manager, etc. According to the annual integration survey conducted by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) in 2020, the main sectors of activity recruiting EM Normandie graduates are as follows :

  • Trade, distribution: 22%
  • Audit, consulting: 21%
  • Finance, banking, insurance: 20%
  • Industry: 18%

The main positions held by graduates are distributed as follows:

  • Trade: 22%
  • Audit, consulting: 20%
  • Communication, marketing, 17%
  • Finance, management, accounting: 14%
  • Human resources: 8%
  • Information systems: 6%
  • Logistics, Supply Chain: 6%
  • General management: 4%
  • Purchasing: 3%

TOP 5 companies :

  • Google
  • LVMH
  • Total
  • Safran
  • Create my own business

Integrate into the professional environment

Join the labour market right after the course or even before graduation!
For example, according to the same integration survey carried out by the CGE, the net employment rate of young graduates from EM Normandie is 89% one year after graduation. 93% found a job within three months and 67% found a job before graduation.

The salaries after a Master in Management

Although pay levels vary from one sector to another, most young graduates start their careers with an annual gross salary of between EUR 30,000 and EUR 50,000. Given that the median income of an employee in the French private sector is estimated by INSEE to be 22,000 euros net per year, a young graduate enters working life at a level of remuneration above this median.

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