Grande Ecole Programme

Master in Management – 1st year for international students

The M1 year of the Master in Management is a pre-specialisation year with 5 options available.

During the 1st year, start your specialisation

Take a pre-specialisation semester in French or English on the Le Havre campus in France.


Semesters 1 and 2 on the Le Havre campus

Career Path, a reflective support system designed to help you become aware of your talents, the values that drive you and your development of skills at each stage of your career at the School.

An internship to enable you to take up a position in line with your career plans.

M1 year on the Le Havre campus

1 pre-specialisation option of your choice:

  • Finance: further study of financial management, accounting and taxation.
  • Marketing: pre-requisites in digital sales with the aim of working in international environments.
  • Logistics: further study of international trade, logistics, purchasing and supply chain management.
  • Entrepreneurship: apply and appropriate the concepts of strategic marketing, by getting as close as possible to the life of the company.

The internship period in a company

The M1 internship allows you to take up a position in line with your professional project. Lasting 2 to 3 months and taking place in France or in another country, it offers you the opportunity to confront your professional ambitions with the reality of the field, to play a key role within a company and to acquire essential experience to best prepare your future.

Parcours Carrière EM Normandie

The Job Meetup event

Open to M1 and M2 students of the Master in Management programme, the JOB MEETUP is the place to be if you want to find a long internship or your first job. Apply to partner companies, sell yourself during 15-minute interviews and benefit from constructive feedback to progress. More than 150 companies participated in the recruitment events in 2020-2021, including: HERMES, ACCENTURE, BOLLORE, COCA-COLA, DECATHLON, FERRERO, KPMG, ORACLE, RADIO France, UNILEVER, AUCHAN, HITACHI, EUROSPORT, ORANGE, L'OREAL...

Hard Skills and Soft Skills : Expand your network ▪ Take a critical and constructive look at your ability to sell yourself

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