Grande Ecole Programme

Master in Management – Admission after a 3-year undergraduate degree - Non french

Accredited as a 5-year Master's Degree in Management
Join our Master in Management Programme and train for excellence! Build a future that is congenial to you thanks to adapted pedagogy based on international orientation, professionalisation and personal development
Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Dublin and Oxford


The Master in Management (Programme Grande Ecole), is a training of excellence, ranked 16th in the Parisien Etudiant French rankings. Also internationally recognised, the programme is ranked in the Top 100 Financial Times and QS's best Masters in Global Management.

Joining the Master in Master in Management allows you to acquire solid managerial knowledge. This programme offers you the opportunity to build a professional project that matches your ambitions and guarantees your employability.

This programme is open to holders of a 3 or 4-year undergraduate degree via application form based on student's qualification.

Strong points

  • A 100% flexible course on 5 campuses in France and abroad
  • A strong international dimension with a network of more than 200 partner universities
  • A school amongst the top 10 French schools for work-study programmes
  • 4 specialised majors available from the M1 year
  • A rich student life: 17 offices and more than 75 student associations
  • An Alumni association with 18,500 members

Key figures

semester with a partner university and up to 3 years spent abroad
6 to 21
months of internships
1 to 2-year
in work-study programmes
specialisations in M2 including 7 taught in English
Double Degrees in France or abroad


The Master in Management has a pronounced international orientation that allows you, if you wish to do so, to take all your courses in English, to enrich your study path culturally and have many opportunities abroad. 

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Work-study Track

The work-study track is offered in M1 (General Management Option in 2 years) or in M2 (Specialised Option in 1 year). Work-study programmes are the ideal way to achieve a fast and successful professional insertion: 95% of work-study programme students at EM Normandie find employment before graduation.

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Internships and professional experience

Thanks to the School's network of partner companies, increase your professional experience and discover the world of business. Gain new skills and acquire an expert's viewpoint in the fields that interest you.

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Career Path Scheme

To optimise your integration into the business world and meet recruiters’ increasingly demanding selection criteria, the School supports your professional project (personalised coaching, workshops, etc.) throughout your journey with the Career Path scheme.

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Semester 1 & 2

4 tracks to choose from

Expertise Track - Caen, Le Havre, Dublin, Oxford

  • S1: core curriculum common to all students + one major to choose from
  • S2: in Oxford, Dublin or in one of the 200 partner universities

Global Track - Le Havre, Dublin, Oxford

3 courses available

  • S1 and S2: 100% in English
  • S1: 100% in English in Le Havre or Oxford + S2 abroad in one of the 200 partner universities
  • S1 and S2 abroad in one of the 200 partner universities

+ optionnal internship: 1 to 3 months in France or abroad

Excellence Track in 3 years - Paris and Oxford

  • M1: 100% in English on the Paris campus
  • 2x6 months high profile internships between M1 and M2 years

Work-study Track in 2 years - Caen, Le Havre, Paris

Multi-specialised programme

Become an employee of a company

Professional and personal development

Company internship and experience* in France and/or abroad

*another experience under a work contract, a humanitarian experience, a training in a complementary field or in languages, a civic service, an activity creation project with InsIDE: the School's student incubator.

Optional gap year in the context of Expertise and Global Tracks

Compulsory year as part of Excellence Track

The gap year is not offered to students of the Work-study Track

Semester 1 & 2


Expert Track

Teaching in connection with one of the 16 specialisations or double diploma in a partner school in France.

Mission and Challenge

Compulsory 6-month internship in France or abroad

Mission and Challenge

Compulsory 6-month internship in France or abroad

Global Track

Teaching in connection with one of the 6 specialisations 100% in English or double degree 100% in English in a partner university or school in France or abroad

Mission and Challenge

Compulsory 6-month internship in France or abroad

Excellence Track

Teaching 100% in English on the Oxford campus. Multi-specialised programme

Work-study Track

2nd year of the student in a company. Multi-specialised programme

anglais Taught 100% in English at EM Normandie

Non-French diploma holders: access via application form

The programme is open to students under 25 years old, who hold a non-French degree obtained after at least three years of higher education outside France (Licence degree, Bachelor’s degree, Benke...)

No English language test score is required for students holding a degree from an English-speaking university. For other applicants, language requirements are: TOEIC 790, IELTS 6, TOEFL 83


Apply online

The application deadline for the 2020-2021 admission session is 15 April 2020.

Admission Procedure

  • Special attention is paid to the quality of the file and the quality of the academic and/or professional profile.
  • Shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview via Skype with a Head of Academic Programme. This interview helps clarify who the applicant is, their projects, their objectives and the consistency of their choices with the programme selected. The final admission decision (offered or denied admission) is publicised a few days after this interview.
  • Admitted candidates are notified formally and invited to make a down payment later on deducted from the tuition fees. This initial payment confirms the candidate's seat in the programme and an unconditional letter of admission is then issued.

In parallel with their EM Normandie application file, international candidates must also complete the Campus France application process to facilitate the visa obtention. Once the fee down payment has been received, the School will help International students with their visa procedures and search for accommodation.

French diploma holders: Passerelle 2 National Test Bank

Passerelle Programme Grande Ecole

The Passerelle 2 National Test Bank is common to 10 French Business Schools. It is open to all students who hold a French undergraduate degree of 3 or 4 years minimum and in any specialisation.

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EM Normandie is easily accessible by disabled persons and will adapt its welcome schemes to match specific situations.
If you are disabled, please contact

Professional integration of Master in Management graduates
Professional integration of Master in Management graduates


Professional integration of Master in Management graduates

Application fees for 2020-2021

For non-French diploma holders: €50

Tuition Fees for 2020-2021

  • M1 (Year 1): €11,000 
  • Off-Campus Optional Year: €1,000 
  • M2 (Year 2): €11,000 

Compulsory Contribution: CVEC (Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus): €91 to be paid on the CVEC platform. Learn more

Membership fee for EM Normandie Alumni Association (not mandatory): €575. This membership fee gives you access to all services and a life membership.


Various options are offered to students to fund their studies: 

  • Grants:Higher Education, Regional, Travel or Internship Grants 
  • Bank Loan:EM Normandie has agreements with some Banks
  • Work-study Track: total or part waiver of fees for 1 or 2 years possible 
  • Paid student jobs offered by the School’s Junior Enterprise and Jobs Services

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Master in Management – Admission after a 3-year undergraduate degree
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