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Master in Business Administration

The MBA is designed to help executives hold leading positions in organizations.


Cooperative track
Work-study program
Last updated on 30/03/2021

Joining the MBA programme will offer you the opportunity to build your professional network, to develop broad competences in management and a global overview and understanding of the key issues a business unit or company has to tackle.

Ever since its creation in 1871 as one of the oldest business schools in France, EM Normandie’s core mission has always been to train executives to be fully operational in the business world. We would be delighted to welcome you on this programme.

Elian Pilvin
Dean of EM Normandie

Learning objectives

  • Developing skills in multiple areas of business and management: strategic and innovative thinking skills, problem solving, and decision-making skills, communication skills
  • Acquiring academic knowledge that can be applied to business environment
  • Working in international context

Strong points 

  • An entry into the business world thanks to a strong network of business relationships between EM Normandie and companies worldwide
  • A flexible schedule designed for active professionals
  • A programme taught using innovative pedagogic approaches: short teaching session, web conferences, masterclass, international field trip
  • A cursus taught by international professors and experts

Course overview

This training programme is spread over 18 months, which includes:

  • 15 face-to-face courses
  • 4 e-learning courses
  • Business English e-learning platform
  • MBA Dissertation
Year 1

Business environment
Business & labour law

Finance management

Marketing and sales
Understanding consumer behavior
Strategic and operationnal marketing

Organisation and management
Human ressources management

Organisation and strategy
Project management

Professionnal development
Intercultural management

Foreign languages
Business English #1

Year 2

Cost analysis & control management

Organisation and management
Organisation management
Information systems management

Organisation and strategy
Strategic diagnosis & corporate strategy
Innovation management

Professionnal development
Operationnal management

Foreign languages
Business English #2

Research methods

All courses are taught by experienced international professors and experts.


The programme is open to applicants holding one of the following degrees: 

  • Bachelor degree (equivalent to Bac+3 in France) with at least 3 years of professional experience;
  • degree equivalent to Bac+2 in France with at least 5 years of professional experience;
  • or an equivalent professional qualification for candidates with the potential to meet the learning and research requirements of the programme.

In order for students to benefit from optimal learning conditions, the number of places available in each programme session is limited. Available places are reviewed after each admission session. Whenever a cohort is full, admissions for the programme are closed.

How to apply? 

Please contact the following admission officer WANG Weiwei via the contact form.

Admission procedure

Selections for the Master in Business Administration are based on application file and individual motivation interview: 

  • Candidates should send their application files to the admission officer along with 100€ of application fees
  • Candidates are short-listed based on the quality of their application, supporting documents and information provided.
  • Selected candidates are invited for an online or face-to-face interview with the head of the programme.
  • The interview clarifies the applicant’s projects, objectives, and the consistency of their choices with the programme.
  • After the interview, applicants receive a notification of pre-admission (admitted/refused). Admitted applicants are invited to place a deposit, deductible from tuition fees, acting as a sear reservation in the programme. 
  • Applicants receive a final acceptance letter once the deposit has been received.

Tracking of registration 

After the tuition fees payment, enrolled students receive a password access to the programme at: se.em-normandie.fr

MBA remise de diplômes

For information on tuition fees regarding this programme, please contact the admission officer.

Admission officer
+33 (0)2 76 84 01 14
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