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Managing a port, maritime, logistics or industrial company

Training given to directors, executives, managers and/or managers of port, maritime, logistics or industrial companies.

January 2022 in Le Havre - 13 sessions of 2 to 4 days over 11 months
Le Havre


Last updated on 23/07/2021
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Under the aegis of the UMEP as part of its professional training policy on the Seine axis.

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Goals of this training

  • Promote professional development through theoretical and practical training on all economic, legal, technical and operational issues related to the sector’s activities
  • Strengthen knowledge of economic, legal and technical company environment in order to develop successful strategy
  • Take a step up from experiences, missions and responsibilities, and gain detailed knowledge of stakes, objectives and constraints of functional and operational company departments, in order to develop efficient management
  • Understand the issues and constraints of each maritime, port and logistics business, to better communicate with other companies in the international maritime transport sector and maintain effective relationship
  • Position company as a key element in a chain of interdependent economic stakeholders and join a network of activities and projects

The advantages of IPER

  • 44 years of expérience
  • Quality, service and support
  • Location in the first French container port
  • Exceptionnal partnership including IMO
  • Catalog and taylor made trainings
  • Good balance between theory and practice
  • Wide network of experts
  • Start date : January 2022 in Le Havre
  • Duration : 13 sessions of 2 to 4 days over 11 months (272 h)
  • Location : Le Havre
Understanding the organisation, rules and issues of maritime transport and port activities
Economic and geostrategic context of maritime transport and port activity
  • Understand the major role of maritime and port companies in the national economy
  • Measure the competitive position of the Axe Seine
  • Master the economic environment of your professional activity and identify trends in the maritime, port and logistics sectors in order to manage and develop your business in an optimal way
Legal framework for international maritime transport of goods
  • Understand the articulation of regulations applicable to each step of an international maritime transport of goods
  • Identify the scope of action, risks and responsibilities of the company
  • Know how to develop the activity of your company in all legality and legal and financial security, while respecting the interests of your clients and co-contractors
Focus on ports
  • Develop knowledge of port community composition and organization , as well as the status and role of each actor, in order to position your company as a key element of a system of interdependent stakeholders
  • Understand the relations of the port community with the other territory agents, the port city, the industrial area as well as the State and the local authorities, with the aim of a general sustainable development
  • To know how the performance of a port is assessed and how the promotion of the port community is developed in order to include the actions and projects of your company
Find out about port professions, organisation, missions and regulations
Supply Chain Management
  • Understand the global approach to supply chain
  • Know how to use tools to optimize the system
  • Understand the challenges of sustainable supply chain
Customs transit
  • Find out about the organisation of customs services and regulations governing customs clearance of goods
  • How to choose customs regimes
Shipping line operations and tramping
  • Deepen your knowledge of shipping line management and tramping
  • Techniques of shipping agency booking services and container management
  • Understand : how the relationship between a shipping agency and its clients is managed
  • Forecasting of maritime traffic and port dues by a port authority
Operation of port terminals
  • Deepen knowledge of spatial, technical and operational organisation of a commercial port, particularly of a port terminal
  • Understand the activity of operating a terminal, particularly in terms of loading/unloading vessels
  • Learn how to mobilise resources to optimally manage daily operations on a terminal
Understand the rules and tools of sustainable development in a port company
Ports environment
  • Identify environmentally sensitive port activities
  • Understand the regulatory framework for environmental protection in ports and know how to control the impact of these activities
  • Know which projects and practices are developed by the port authority in favour of the environment
Port security and safety
  • Integrate risk management and presentation of safety of its activity into its overall management
  • Understand the normative environment of maritime and port security, port security regulations and the organisation set up by the port authority
Crisis management
  • Understand the legislative and regulatory environment/define and map risks
  • Organise business continuity
  • Manage a crisis situation
Digitalisation of companies and cyber security
  • Understand the economic and strategic issues of the company through the prism of data management
  • Understand that data is a decision-making tool and therefore an help to strategy
  • Know the challenges of cybersecurity and know how to set up a policy and an approach to control it by involving all the company’s members
Develop your personal skills
How to write and present effectively a quality professional thesis

Develop expertise on an issue and to do so :

  • Conduct literature searches
  • Collect empirical data
  • Articulate theoretical concepts and field data
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Write a thesis in a well structured way
  • Make recommendations
Management of port projects and programmes, methods and sharing of experiences
  • Understand and be able to lead the organisation step of a new project
  • Know how to lead planning procedures
  • Know how to use a schedule during the planning phase
  • Participate in a risk analysis
Personal development
  • Mastering communication tools and identify staff personality
  • Identify the drivers of motivation in your team and share your viewpoint
  • Understand the issues of change to better support your team

Assessment procedure

  • Continuous assessment and case-study
  • In addition to taught modules, a professional thesis must be written. This is intended to be the product of your own independent research. You will be allocated a dissertation supervisor, and will have a series of one-to-one meetings with your supervisor over the course of the academic year

Who may be interested

This programme is aimed at any manager or executive wishing to develop their skills and/or evolve professionally.

Entry requirements

  • A’ levels and 12 years of professional experience
  • A’ levels + 2 and 8 years of professional experience
  • A’ levels+4 and 6 years of professional experience
  • A’ levels + 5 and 5 years of professional experience


  • 272h

Mode of study

  • 13 sessions of 2 to 4 days over 11 months


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The cost of this course is €8,600/person, net of tax.

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