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Lotfi Karoui is a lecturer in Management at EM Normandie and head of program in charge of the Cooperative Track of the Master Program in Le Havre. He teaches Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Finance. He was previously Associate Professor in Strategic Management at the Champagne School of Management and the Associate Dean for Research there. Over the last 10 years, he has consulted in Strategy, Business Development and Innovation Management for private SMEs and start-up firms in France. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management (1993) from HEC Carthage (Tunisia) as well as an MPhil in Corporate Policy (1998) from the Université Paris Dauphine in France (1998) where he gained his PhD in 2009. His research work on boards of directors in small and medium-sized enterprises was recently awarded a special prize for the Best Research in Corporate Governance granted by the French Institute of Directors (IFA). His research interest covers Strategic Management and Corporate Governance issues in private SMEs, and in particular on the Leveraging of Human and Social Capital in Entrepreneurial and Family Firms.
PhD in Sciences Management, University Dauphine, Paris, 2009.
Professional experience
  • Since 2012 : Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship - EM Normandie
  • 2007-2011 : Director of Research and Strategic Development, Groupe ESC Troyes
  • 2002-2007 : Teacher in Strategic Management Département Manager "Stratégy and Management" and research coordinator, Groupe ESC Troyes
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Karoui, L & Fadil, N 2018, 'La participation du conseil d'administration au processus stratégique des PME : Les effets de la professionnalisation ', Management International, vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 28-42, Autumn. CNRS: 3; FNEGE: 2; HCERES: A

Academic articles
Ingley, C, Khlif, W & Karoui, L 2017, 'SME growth trajectories, transitions and board role portfolios: a critical review and integrative model', International Small Business Journal, vol. 35, no. 6, pp.729-750, September.; CNRS: 2; FNEGE: 2; HCERES: A
Academic articles

Karoui, L, Khlif, W & Ingley, C 2017, 'SME Heterogeneity and board configurations: An empirical typology', Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, vol. 24, no. 3, pp.545-561; CNRS: 4; FNEGE: 4; HCERES: C

Academic articles
Karoui, L, Khlif, W & Ingley, C 2017, 'Toward a Meta theory of the board of directors', International Governance workshop (CAAG 2017), Barcelona, Spain, June, 29-30
Academic communications
Karoui, L, Khlif, W & Ingley, C 2017, 'Board configurations in French SMEs: a Board task performance analysis ', 4ème Colloque International en Economie, Finance, Comptabilité et Transparence, Hammamet, Tunisia, 7-9 mai
Academic communications
Karoui, L, Khlif, W, Ingley, C & Belghith, I 2015, 'A portfolio concept of Board roles in SMEs: a case study approach', 3rd International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance (ICMLG 2015), Auckland, New-Zealand, February 12-13
Academic communications
Karoui, L, Khlif, W & Ingley, C 2015, 'Navigating critical transitions: SMEs, dynamic states and primary Board roles', 15th EURAM Annual Conference (EURAM 2015), Warsaw, Poland, June 17-20
Academic communications
Karoui, L 2014, 'La professionnalisation des conseils d’administration dans les PME : un levier de renforcement de leur participation au processus stratégique', 23ème Conférence de l’AIMS, Rennes, France, 26-28 mai
Academic communications
Ingley, C, Khlif, W & Karoui, L 2013, 'Navigating critical transition phases: SMEs, Firm life cycle and primary board roles', 13th EURAM Annual Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, June, 26-29
Academic communications
Karoui, L 2012, 'Les organes de gouvernance dans les PME : des mécanismes de création de valeur', 11ème Congrès International Francophone en Entrepreneuriat et PME (CIFEPME), Brest, France, 24-26 octobre
Academic communications