Live the EM Normandie experience to the full

Benefit from innovative, digital and bold teaching methods, multiply expatriation opportunities, involve in a rich and engaging community life and lead professional development projects throughout your course.

The EM Normandie experience is a global vision with a single objective: to give you the means to be an actor in your personal and professional development.

Joining EM Normandie means living a unique experience during which you are invited to commit yourself and to surpass yourself. Whether it is through international experiences, connections with the business world or involvement in community life, EM Normandie encourages you to invest in projects that are close to your heart and that will allow you to start a rich career path that matches your ambitions.

The key to your success: the Career Path

Parcours Carrière

With this tailor-made support system, unique among all the Business Schools, become aware of your talents and the values that drive you.

The Career Path is a dedicated internal team, certified expert coaches, recruitment professionals, workshops, personality tests, professional meetings, mentoring with alumni, individual and group coaching sessions...

Project yourself into a personal and professional project that suits you, define your objectives by matching values, passions, skills and future professions.

Refine your project and give meaning to your academic, international, professional and community experiences. Cultivate hard and soft skills with high added value to distinguish yourself in front of recruiters. Get your first job, a springboard for your future!

accompagnement personnalisé en master spécialisé

Discover the Career Path

Benefit from an innovative and digital teaching method

Join a school that is a pioneer in SmartEducation

Become a player in your own success and flourish through engaging, interactive, gamified and personalised educational experiences.

As a link between the Faculty and the EdTech department, Qualia is the pivotal point of immersive and digital teaching methods based on practical experience, to immerse you in your learning.

Experience creative and engaging courses in Flex rooms equipped with the latest educational technologies.

Hard skills: Develop solid knowledge in management and strategic vision.

Soft skills: Maintain a demanding culture, cultivate your open-mindedness, be agile.

expériences pédagogiques engageantes

Discover engaging teaching methods

Develop your international mindset

Go abroad to Dubai, Dublin, Oxford campuses and to one of the 200+ partner universities, discover new cultures in Asia, perfect your English or another language, earn a dual degree in Europe... 

Take advantage of the many expatriation opportunities available to you and come back transformed!

You can also live in a multicultural environment on all the campuses, follow your course 100% in English, and meet students and teachers from all over the world.

Open up to the world in a School without borders!

Hard skills: Master English and other languages, understand intercultural specificities.
Soft skills: Develop your ability to think and decide, your adaptability and your autonomy.

international opportunities

Being an international student at EM Normandie


Get involved in community life

Benefit from a rich and dynamic community life with +100 associations and community projects offered at EM Normandie each year.

Get involved in actions that are close to your heart: sustainable development, business, arts, sports..., and share a structuring human adventure.

Get involved in an Associative Project, in one of the School's associations, in a Community Project (League against Cancer, Unicef, sports club...) or create your own project.

Hard skills: Manage a budget, meet deadlines, prospect, negotiate.

Soft skills: Develop your sense of teamwork, your leadership skills and your ability to manage several projects at once.

Expérience EM Normandie

Get involved in community life

Immerse yourself in the professional world

Gain professional experience in France and abroad: projects, business games, case studies, assignments in companies, meetings with professionals, internships...

Join the EM Normandie work-study programme and get a job before you graduate!

Challenge yourself in the field, find your way and get your career off the ground.

Hard skills: Become an operational manager, master the workings of the company and its challenges.

Soft skills: Develop your ability to listen, your spirit of initiative, learn to mobilise cross-disciplinary skills, develop a proactive and positive attitude within the company.

votre professionnalisation

Prepare your professional career

Students talk about their international journey

I encourage all students who are ready to discover India to go there. Moreover, it is a destination that is not often chosen, so you will have more chances to be selected. It is a country that will surprise you. Within EM Normandie, it is surely one of the expatriation choices that provokes the biggest culture shock.

Mathieu - My Expat' to Ghāziābād

At my university in Seoul, we can choose our courses and plan them during the week. I group them together over three days so that I can make the most of the country. You have to go to a platform and plan ahead to get what you want and be careful to select courses taught in English. There is a lot to do! I could stay in Seoul for two years and not have visited everything.

Axelle - My Expat' to Seoul

Barcelona was my first choice, I have always wanted to get there. I worked hard to get good results and to be able to choose my expatriation. By going to Spain, I would also be able to learn a second language after having spent a year in Oxford. The proximity of the seaside, the living environment, and the weather also convinced me! I am returning to France in mid-December to join the Paris campus.

Manon - My Expat' to Barcelona