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Julian Hofmann is an Associate Professor of Marketing. He joined EM Normandie in 2016. He has a PhD in Management Science from the University of Cologne, Germany, awarded in 2012. His thesis is on brand management. His research interest is brand management, focusing on the entertainment and sport industries. He is the Head of Marketing Department.
2012 : PhD in Management, University of Cologne, Germany
Professional experience

Since 2016 : associate professor in marketing, EM Normandie
2013-2016 : assistant professor of marketing, University of Southern, Denmark
2012-2013 : postdoctoral researcher, University of Cologne, Germany 
2007-2012 : research assistant & doctoral student, University of Cologne, Germany
2005-2006 : graduate teaching assistant & grading assistant, Lund University, Sweden 
2004-2007 : graduate teaching assistant & grading assistant,University of Hamburg, Germany 

+33(0)1 81 70 53 91
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Year of publication


Hofmann, J 2012, 'Essays on Human Brands and Meta-Analysis in Marketing', PhD in Management, Université de Cologne, Cologne, Germany.

PhD Dissertation / Accreditation to Supervise Management Research

Schnittka, O, Hofmann, J, Johnen, M, Erfgen, C & Rezvani, Z 2023, 'Brand Evaluations in Sponsorship versus Celebrity Endorsement', International Journal of Market Research, vol. 65, issue 1, Janvier, pp. 124-144. FNEGE : 3 ; ABS : 2 ; HCERES : B.

Academic articles

Behrens, R, Zhang Foutz, N, Franklin, M, Funk, J, Gutierrez-Navratil, F, Hofmann, J & Leibfried, U 2021, 'Leveraging analytics to produce compelling and profitable film content', Journal of Cultural Economics, vol. 45, juin, pp 171–211. CNRS 3, HCERES B. 

Academic articles

Lavissière, A, Mandjak, T, Hoffmann, J & Fedi, L 2020, 'Port marketing as manifestation of sustainable marketing in a B2B context', Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Vol. 35, N. 3, pp. 524–536. CNRS : 3 ; FNEGE : 3 ; HCERES : B ; ABS 2.

Academic articles

Mandjak, T, Lavissière, A, Hofmann, J, Bouchery, Y, Lavissière, M-C, Faury, O & Sohier, R 2019, 'Port marketing from a multidisciplinary perspective: A systematic literature review  and lexicometric analysis', Transport Policy, vol. 84, pp 50-72. CNRS: 3 ; HCERES: B ; ABS 2

Academic articles

Hofmann, J, Schnitta, O, Johnen, M & Kottermann, P 2019, ‘Talent or popularity: What drives market value and brand image for human brands?’, Journal of Business Research, vol. 124, pp. 748-758. CNRS : 2 ; FNEGE : 2 ; HCERES : A ; ABS 3

Academic articles

Hofmann, J, Clément, M, Völckner, F & Hennig-Thurau, T 2017, 'Empirical Generalizations on the Impact of Stars on the Economic Success of Movies', International Journal of Research in Marketing, vol. 39, no. 2, pp.442-461, June.; CNRS: 2; FNEGE: 1; HCERES: A; ABS 4

Academic articles
Volckner, F & Hofmann, J 2007, 'The price-perceived quality relationship: A meta-analytic review and assessment of its determinants', Marketing Letters, vol. 18, no. 3, pp.181-196; CNRS: 2
Academic articles

Hofmann, J & Rasolofoarison, D 2022, 'How Music Fandom is Acted Out in 2022', Economics of the Music Industry conference, Hamburg, Germany, Decelber 1-2.

Academic communications

Hofmann, J & Rasolofoarison, D 2022, 'Where is fandom acted out in 2022? An update on places of fan practices', Fan Studies Network – North America Conference Online, October 13-16.

Academic communications