EM Normandie

An International Track for you

Are you aiming for an international career? With our International Track, your entire course of study is in English with a pronounced cross-cultural orientation.

Offering you international orientation is a priority for EM Normandie. Accordingly, the School gives you the opportunity to take your courses in English and to spend one-year abroad so you can aim for an international career and enrich your study path with a new cultural experience. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Take an International Orientation Option in Your Course of Studies

  • Language classes with instructors who are mostly native speakers, together with personalised monitoring of your progress 
  • A selection of 9 foreign languages for your mandatory First Foreign Language, your Second Foreign Language and your optional Third Foreign Language: English, German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese or Portuguese
  • 3 to 7 months of internship in international firms in France or abroad
  • A comprehensive language preparation scheme and personalised coaching to support your professional projects
  • French for Foreign Learners courses for international students

Key figures

of students go abroad
mandatory foreign language to be chosen from the 9 offered
international students on the school’s campuses
of full-time lecturers are native speakers of foreign languages or have lived abroad
international visiting lecturers

Build an Appropriate Course of Studies for You

Build your own course of studies, while giving it a pronounced international orientation. You may join the "International Track" at any point during your studies.

Bachelor's in International Management


Le Havre



Le Havre

1 mandatory Foreign Language and 2 optional *

Mandatory internship: 6 to 12 weeks in France or abroad 

2 smesters abroad with one of the School’s partner universities 

International Business (100% taught  in English)
Logistics and International Trade


Double-Degree with a partner university

Mandatory Internship: 3 to 5 months from April, either in France or abroad 

* On condition a minimum number of students have registered for the course

Grande Ecole Programme
U1 U2 U3 M1 Optional off campus year M2
Courses 100% taught in English in Caen or Oxford

2 semesters abroad with one of the 200 school’s partners 


2 smesters in Caen or Oxford

Courses 100% taught in English in Le Havre or Oxford

Within the Global Track framework, the M1 year can be attended in Le Have or Oxford (100% taught in English)


With one of the 200 school's partners

2x6-month internships in France or abroad 

7 specialisations taught 100% in English


Numerous Double-Degree agreements with partner universities 

Specialised Masters (MSc)

Our MScs are professional training programmes that combine seminars and experience in companies. They differ from standard MS's due to their international orientation and courses given entirely in English. They may be taken as initial education (pre-experience) or on a Continuing Education basis:

University of Massachusetts in Boston

Proficiency in English as a Pre-requisite

To comply with recruiters’ criteria, in order to be awarded a degree, the School requires a minimum level in English equivalent to a 750 score on the TOEIC.   

To join courses given in English in Caen, Le Havre and Oxford, you must demonstrate a TOEIC score of:  

  • 750 minimum from Year 1 to Year 3 of the Grande Ecole Programme
  • 790 minimum in the M1 and M2 Years of the Grande Ecole Programme and for the MS/MSc Programmes

The Dublin campus welcomes students with a score lower than 750, with a view to quickly raising their levels. 

Naturally, the school supports you in your preparation for the TOEIC Test.

Julie Lavenu