Equilibre et inclusion

Inclusion and disability

EM Normandie provides tailored support to students requiring special assistance from the moment they begin their studies to the moment they embark on their career.


Party to the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE)’s Disability Charter since 2008, and having renewed its commitment in 2019, the School has a comprehensive system in place to promote the inclusion of students with disabilities. It campaigns to facilitate learning, encourage students to continue their studies whilst enjoying an active social life within the School, and enable them to successfully integrate into the business world.

  • Learning adjustments
  • Digital access
  • Special training for teachers and support services

Are you disabled or suffering from a chronic, debilitating illness?

EM Normandie Business School promotes the inclusion of its disabled students

At EM Normandie, you will be offered a full range of support when it comes to classes and exams, looking for an internship, work-study programme or job, and preparing to work or study abroad.
Our aim is to make your daily life easier so that you can focus on what’s important- your success.

In 2016, we had 17 students disabled students registered with us. Fast forward to 2021 and that figure is over 160. EM Normandie is clearly disability-friendly! Disability should not be a personal struggle. As a proactive and united community, we need to address it together. Both higher education providers and you, the students, and future managers need to be involved in this process. We are very proud of the progress we have made over recent years. Together we have established a trusting environment which has removed any negative or restrictive concepts of disability. We now recognise that it is multifaceted. Students with a disability should not be discriminated against, but instead be able to exercise their rights and have access to the additional support that they need. We have therefore implemented a range of initiatives in all areas to guarantee inclusion and equal opportunities, including a dedicated support department for students with a disability, association projects to raise awareness, training for teaching and administrative staff, learning adjustments, telepresence robots and special support for foreign placements and development of professional skills. We plan to continue our progress in this area, so that not only can you experience a ‘normal’ academic experience, but also one in which you are able to achieve your goals!

Elian Pilvin
Dean of EM Normandie Business School

Equal opportunities

EM Normandie works actively to promote equal opportunities

Since 2018, the Personal Balance and Inclusion service has been running campaigns on this theme. EM Normandie also co-leads the “Handicap” group within the Conférence des Grandes Écoles which advocates the inclusion of students with physical, cognitive and sensory disorders, as well special needs in general, in French management and business schools.

Alongside some thirty student volunteers, the service coordinates social progress projects EDRESUP (How to be Successful in your Higher Education Studies- Envie de Réussir ses Études dans le SUPérieur) in Le Havre and Cap vers le Sup ' in Caen and Paris, the last one is certified with the government “Routes to Success” (“Cordées de la Réussite”) accreditation. Each year, these programmes support students from the third to the final year in developing their ambitions, making career plans and encouraging them as they continue their studies.

Personal Balance and Inclusion
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