Associate Dean of Research - Associate Professor in Intercultural Management

Discipline department
Management of People and Organisations Unit
Teaching area
Intercultural Management
Helena KARJALAINEN holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy, from the University of Grenoble 3, and a Ph.D. in Strategy and HR Management, from the University of Metz. She has been the Deputy Dean for Research at EM Normandie since September 2011 and she has lectured in Intercultural Management and Methodologies since 2008. Her main teaching and research field is oriented towards International HRM, Organizational Behavior and Cooperation in Organizations. She is especially interested in questions concerning Cultural Identities and the Impact of Cultures on Human Behavior, and in Leadership and Management in Culturally Diverse Working Environments. She has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and coordinated a book on Cross-cultural Management case studies. She is also a member of various international research associations and participates in international research projects.
HDR (Authorization to conduct research), Paris-Est Marne-la -vallée University, 2019
PhD in Sciences Management; under ajoint supervision arrangement with metz and Treves (Germany) Universities, 2006
Professional experience
  • Since 2011: Professor in Intercultural Management - EM Normandie
  • 2006 - 2011 : Faculty Member, EM Normandie
  • 2004 - 2006 : Graduate Assistant, Schools of Management, Metz, Paul Verlaine University
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Professeur associé en management interculturel
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PhD Dissertation / Accreditation to Supervise Management Research
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Academic articles
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