Grande Ecole Programme

Master in Management – Admission after a 3-year undergraduate degree - Non french

Accredited as a 5-year Master's Degree in Management
Join our Master in Management Programme and train for excellence! Build a future that is congenial to you thanks to adapted pedagogy based on international orientation, professionalisation and personal development
Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Dublin and Oxford


Master in Management – Year 4

Year 4 of the Master in Management (Programme Grande Ecole) 

While the first few years provide a foundation of general knowledge and skills, the two years of M1 and M2, and the optional year aim to train managers who are experts and prepared for the business world.

4 possible tracks

Expertise Track (Caen, Le Havre, Dublin, Oxford)

  • SI: core curriculum common to all students supplemented by a specialisation with two dedicated courses: Finance - Marketing - Supply Chain Management - Entrepreneurship/Innovation
  • S2: either on the Oxford and Dublin campuses of EM Normandy or in one of the 200 partner universities

Global Track (Le Havre, Dublin, Oxford)

  • S1: courses taught 100% in English in Le Havre or Oxford
  • S2: courses taught 100% in English in Le Havre or Oxford (possibility to study in Le Havre for the first semester and in Oxford for the second semester)
  • Or S1 and S2: abroad in a partner university
  • + optionnal internship: 1 to 3 months in France or abroad, to major in a specific field and prepare for the year of professionalization in the final year (M2)

Cooperative Track in 2 years (Caen, Le Havre, Paris)

  • 1 week at school and 3 weeks in a company under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract

Excellence Track in 3 years (Le Havre, Dublin, Oxford)

Exclusive to twenty students depending on the ranking and level of English. A course of excellence in 6 semesters: M1, optional year and M2.

1 full year abroad and 1 year to successfully integrate into the professional world:

  • M1 (Year 4): hard skills strategy & financial management (S1) and hard skills growth management (S2)
  • 2x6 months of high potential internships in companies between the M1 and M2 years with personalised support from the Career Path
  • M2 (Year 5): soft skills entrepreneur of change (S1) and consulting techniques and methodology dissertation (S2) M1, optional year and M2