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This training course trains you to use the relevant visual components to support a demonstrative speech.

Learning Objectives

Discovering the basic principles of graphic design applied to PowerPoint, and learning to give a successful and effective presentation using PowerPoint.


This training programme will bring you:

  • Concrete inputs on graphic design applied to PowerPoint 
  • Structural and Visual Consistency 
  • Knowledge on how to use shapes, colours, pictures and animations 
  • Models to represent information
  • Direct practical application of the course inputs, first on paper and then on PowerPoint

A fair command of PowerPoint techniques is recommended.


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Executive education resgistration form (french version)

Tuition fees and funding options

Fee: €490

Many funding options are available. They will vary according to the profile and situation of the applicant: wage earner, unemployed, self-employed. Important note: training programme expenses may be deducted from your Taxable Revenues. Find out more about funding options

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