Master agroalimentaire

food science master: "Marketing, Communication & Agrifood Engineering"

In the final year of the Master in Management, choose your specialisation in agri-food marketing in Rouen.
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Programme taught in French
In partnership with UniLaSalle in Rouen
Cooperative track
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Your food science Master in a world-renowned Business School

With the Marketing, Communication & Agrifood Engineering specialisation, develop a dual competence, both managerial and scientific, and accompany the transformation of the food industry.

The integration of scientific teaching in this management coursework is made possible by the partnership with UniLaSalle in Rouen, an engineering school specialising in agri-food. You will benefit from teaching by professionals in the agri-food sector (consultants, experts and company managers) and carry out numerous projects, missions, challenges in companies, business dating, professional conferences, etc.

Designed with and for companies in the agri-food sector, this course prepares you for the changes and new challenges in this industry (new food trends, Big Data, marketing, etc.). Become an expert in the agri-food sector who also masters the marketing, communication and sales professions by developing three main skills: Innovation, Digital and International.

Based on practical application and professionalisation, this programme provides future executives in the agri-food sector with a dual competence, both marketing and scientific. This complementarity enables them to respond effectively to the development challenges of the agri-food industry. It prepares the decision-makers of tomorrow: inspired, involved, social and innovative.

Tarek ABIDTarek ABID
Academic director
Professor-researcher in management sciences and marketing


What are agrifood sciences?

The agrifood industry is the essential link between agricultural production and the food purchased by consumers. Food production is one of the most important sectors of activity in France.

A new food supply is created to meet the expectations of consumers which are constantly changing. The role of food business specialists is precisely to detect these new trends and to lead product development processes.

Food engineering technicians use their technical knowledge and skills of food science and technology to create new food products, specifically focusing on nutrition and health.

These food scientists are also vigilant about food safety thanks to their knowledge of food microbiology and toxicology as well as their mastery of human health standards. Finally, mastery of food manufacturing processes and industrial organisation systems enables engineers specialising in food processing to manage production lines and optimise their operation. 


Food science Master's degree programme

The EM Normandie's Master in Management is recognised worldwide:

  • Top 80 of the best Masters in Management worldwide in the Financial Times ranking.
  • Top 100 of QS World University Rankings.

The two-year Master's degree is open to international students who hold a non-French degree obtained after at least three years of higher education outside France (Licence degree, Bachelor degree, Benke...).

The first year allows you to choose between various majors. Specialise in the last year by choosing the M2 Marketing, Communication & Agrifood Engineering specialisation that consists of the following subjects:

  • Concept and development of offline operational marketing plans
  • Management of offline operational marketing plans for food products and brands
  • Definition of the communication and digital marketing strategy of a food brand
  • New food trends
  • CSR and sustainable marketing
  • Design of an innovative food product
  • Definition of a commercial strategy
  • Collective management
  • Agile project management
  • Integrative projects
  • ...

Via the Collective Management classes, learn how to behave effectively as a manager, manage your stress and change ineffective interpersonal strategies. Through the New Food Consumption Trends classes, analyse new food trends, integrate these changes in consumption patterns in order to define appropriate strategies. Tackle the different components of marketing communication and in particular Community Management: define a distribution strategy on these channels, make your brand known on social networks and exploit the full potential of influence marketing.

Work experience during the food sciences Master

Professionalise yourself throughout your course with the EM Normandie's Master in Management, by multiplying internships, missions and challenges based on real company cases.

During the final year, accumulate professional experience and become a real expert in agri-food and nutrition marketing:

  • 1 Serious game, Simulation Markstrat ®, focused on the marketing strategy of a company in the B2C sector
  • 1 two-week in-company challenge: propose a marketing strategy for a company in the agri-food sector
  • 1 five-week in-company mission: group work on a real company problem. Depending on the year, the themes are: developing a new range of food products, creating a co-branding offer for a champagne brand, proposing a marketing strategy for a new food brand (or for a company in the social economy).
  • Mark'eating projects: a project of your choice (depending on the professional project of each student) among the main projects of the course work (digital communication project - Normandy entrepreneurial event - professional conference, innov-Alim competition, Amazon Campus Challenge, Nudge France)
  • 6-month internship, in France or abroad
  • Dissertation or professional thesis

Careers in food science

With the specialisation "Marketing, Communication & Agrifood Engineering", become an expert in communication and marketing in food industries according to your career goals:

  • Product manager/brand manager
  • Category manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Trade marketing manager
  • Marketing consultant
  • Communication manager
  • Development manager
  • Marketing courses
  • Food scientist

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