From school to a business career

Focus on building professional skills

Giving you the skills to develop a professional career is one of EM Normandie’s key priorities. As a true springboard to your future employment, the School helps you to develop experience throughout your study path, with Internships, Cooperative Programmes, In-company Junior Consulting Projects and Challenges, and meetings with professionals, giving you the opportunity to build a unique professional profile which matches your personality and skills.  


These are the first step towards a successful professional career, giving you your first experiences and enabling you to apply your knowledge while gaining an insight into the professional world.  

Internship periods are adapted to each study path. They vary between one and six months in length and may be taken either in France or abroad. 

Junior Consulting Projects

Consulting Projects are an educational experience, with you spending time in the role of a Junior Consultant commissioned by a company. This is an excellent way to take on a business issue and gain practical management experience. These projects are offered from Year 1 of the Grande Ecole Programme and in the MS/MSc programmes, taking either of two forms:

Consulting Projects

You will join companies as an additional, temporary staff member as part of a teams of 3 or 4, on a full time for a duration of three to five weeks, supporting the launch of new projects, setting up processes, or exploring new concepts… 


A CEO will submit an issue to your cohort. In teams of three or four, you will analyse and refine recommendations that are specific to the company.  The best three teams will be those whose operational recommendations demonstrate relevance, pragmatism and expertise.

Examples of Completed Projects 

  • Market Research: to carry out research into the market ahead of the launch of a leisure centre
  • Organisational Diagnosis: analysis of a production line with a view to obtaining ISO Certification 
  • Starting a business: to support a start-up project in the ecological transport sector
  • Marketing/Sales: to map customers and redefine sales territories 

Cooperative Programme

Cooperative Programmes have become a must-have to enable Management School students to develop their professional networks and prepare for their working lives. 

At EM Normandie, many Cooperative Programme students secure employment offers before they graduate. It is therefore not surprising that this study path, which combines theoretical and practical inputs, is increasingly popular among students and companies who are attracted by its strengths that include a monthly salary and a tuition waiver.

Learn more about Cooperative Programmes

Meeting with Professionals

During the course of the Career Path, you will meet professionals during events organised by the School, helping those who are seeking an internship, an Apprenticeship or a first job to leverage: 

  • Job Meetup : a series of 15-minute interviews to find an Internship, an Apprenticeship or a Permanent or Short-term Contract. 
  • Apprenticeship speed dating: to help you find an Apprenticeship quickly and will review your performance with professionals. 
  • Occupational Workshops: meet the School’s recent graduates and discuss their professional career with them.

You will also access virtual forums on the Job-teaser platform and engage in discussions with the School’s partner companies, building your professional network and enabling you to apply for internships or employment directly. 

Job Meetup
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