Finding Accommodation

The EM Normandie Housing Service lists thousands of offers on a single platform. You will also find tips for finding accommodation in Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Dublin and Oxford.

The School’s Platform

If You Are a Future EM Normandie Student

Find accommodation to suit your needs on EM Normandie’s exclusive, single platform. Thousands of private landlords, estate agents, room shares, and student residences are located near to the School’s various campuses.  

If You Are a Current Student

Browse to the platform and click ‘Connexion étudiant’ [Student Login] then ‘Connexion avec intranet’ [Connect over the Intranet] and enter your Office 365 login.


You may post offers directly onto the platform via the Landlord site. Contact for landlords:  +33 (0)1 82 28 60 32

Alternative Offers

Here are some additional sites to help all students with their search: 

Estate Agents and Student Residences

Contact our managers by e-mail:

  • Alexandre Ducoeur for residences: alexandre.ducoeur@studapart.com
  • Johan Luparello for real estate agents: johan.luparello@studapart.com

Association Havraise pour le Logement Etudiant (AHLOET) – Le Havre Association for Student Housing

Association Havraise pour le Logement Étudiant

EM Normandie is a member of the Le Havre Student Housing Association (Association Havraise pour le Logement Etudiant - AHLOET), which organises housing for Higher Education institutions in Le Havre.
It renders the search for accommodation easier for students by ensuring contact with landlords offering quality housing.

Visit their website

How does it work?

Students must show a certificate of registration or a proof of their acceptance by one of the member schools of the Association. By email, they need to specify their specific criteria in the search bar to get help from the Association or, if they prefer to look for themselves, they may access the platform via a password to contact landlords directly.

Contact: Gwenaëlle Gallo – Quality Manager for Student Housing 
Tel: +33 (0)6 86 40 22 94
Send an email

EM Normandie Facebook Groups

Groups that are updated year after year to find hidden gems in the city of your choice:  

Le Havre: EM Normandie shared accommodation and apartments – Le Havre Campus 
Campus location: rue Richelieu, city centre and a stone’s throw from the seaside. Average rent: €384/month in 2017

Caen: EM Normandie shared accommodation and apartment –Caen Campus 
Campus location: rue Claude Bloch, Northern district, near the city centre.
Average rent:  €386/month in 2017

Paris: EM Normandie flat shares and apartments – Paris campus 
Campus location: Rue du Ranelagh, in the 16th district.
Average rent: €550/month in  2016

Oxford: EM Normandie shared accommodation and apartments – Oxford campus 
Campus  location: Oxpens Road, in the historic city centre.
Average rent: €500

Dublin: EM Normandie shared accommodation and apartments – Dublin Campus 
Campus location: Foley Street, near the financial district.
Average rent: €400

Housing Aid

CAF Rent Allowance

Allocation Personnalisée au Logement (APL) (Housing Benefit)

This is financial aid is paid by the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF) on a monthly basis based on the rent  (excluding heating, electricity, water supply and local taxation) and your income. ECAF will pay this directly to landlords if the housing is licensed. Learn more

Allocation à Logement à caractère Social (ALS)

This is the most common form of aid available to students. It may be granted for a household or for a residential room, studio, flat or house. Unlike APL, ALS is paid directly to the tenant by default, but you may also choose direct payment to the landlord. Learn more 

VISALE guarantee

VISALE is a rental guarantee subsidy in the event of unpaid rents. In the event that a student is faced with difficulties that result in the non-payment of rent due dates, the VISALE guarantee system will take care of reallocating the rent to the landlord in place of the student tenant. The guarantee can extend to 36 monthly payments and cover any costs related to the housing contracts for the move. 

More information about the VISALE guarantee.

Other schemes are also available to help you to fund your accommodation, including the avance loca-pass, garantie des risques locatifs which act as deposit guarantors.